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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church is a sermon preached at the Revival Conference in Atlanta in 2008. “Paul Washer delivered an urgent appeal to the Christians and churches in North America: that many have been believing a false gospel and have false assurance of their salvation! He listed ten indictments against the modern church system in America. This is a historical urgent message. Tell others and spread the message! We need a reformation and revival of a Biblical standard!” The ten indictments include: 1. Denial of Sufficiency of Scripture, 2. Ignorance of God, 3. Failure to Address Man’s Malady, 4. Ignorance of the Gospel, 5. Unbiblical Gospel Invitation, 6. Ignorance Regarding the Nature of the Church, 7. Lack of Church Discipline, 8. Silence on Separation, 9. Replacement of the Scriptures about the Family, 10. Pastors Malnourished in the Word.

Religion & Spirituality
March 16
Chapel Library
Mt Zion Bible Church of Pensacola Inc

Customer Reviews

1968RS ,


I love this book, I have read it twice. I am encouraging our Sunday to read this eye opening book. Thank you

logie pierogie ,

Wake up!

Paul Washer hammers this one on the head. Wish more people would take the time to just read through this. God has used Paul’s sermons and books to open my eyes to the truth of the Gospel. All the Glory to God but bless Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, john McCarthur, Steve Lawson, Justin Peters. God is the author of the salvation of souls. Sola Scriptura sola de Gloria

MKWick ,

Lots of Scripture & Much to Ponder

Paul Washer's 55-page booklet, Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church, is a free Kindle download I picked up four years ago. It's actually a sermon he preached at a conference in Atlanta nearly a decade ago. Although I found the book to be a good read, I could see many Christians being offended by Washer's direct charges against the American church. Paul Washer was a missionary in Peru for ten years, and today he preaches passionately against false gospels. After a brief introduction, the Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church is organized in the following chapters:

1. A Denial of the Sufficiency of Scripture
2. An Ignorance of God
3. A Failure to Address Man's Malady
4. An Ignorance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
5. An Unbiblical Gospel Invitation
6. An Ignorance Regarding the Nature of the Church
7. A Lack of Compassionate Church Discipline
8. A Silence on Separation
9. A Replacement of the Scriptures Regarding the Family
10. Pastors Malnourished in the Word of God

The book concludes with a brief mention of Chapel Library Resources and 45 endnotes. The Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church will take maybe a little over an hour to read, and it's not for those who are looking for a positive message and a pat on the back. However, if you are seeking something with lots of Scripture and much to ponder, I recommend checking out the book.

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