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Lenore is Cornelia’s mother—and Cornelia’s fix-up project. What does it matter that Cornelia won’t talk to anyone and is always stuck in the easiest English class at school, even though she’s read more books than anyone else? She feels strong in the fixing. She cooks vegetable soup so Lenore will eat something other than Ring Dings; she lures her out of bed with strong coffee and waffles. She looks after the house when Lenore won’t get out of bed at all.

So when Lenore and her boyfriend take off for Vegas leaving Cornelia behind with eccentric Aunt Agatha, all Cornelia can do is wait for her to come back. Aunt Agatha sure doesn’t want any fixing.

Maybe this time it’s Cornelia who could use it?

Young Adult
May 11
Random House Children's Books
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

jellygood ,

It's cute but gets a little bit repetitive

Just another story about a teenage girl having some issues with a relative.

Agatha Thornhill and Cornelia Thornhill don't start off so well. To Cornelia, Agatha is some crazy lady who seems to have a passion for fiddleheads and gardening. Her house is a wreck and everything seemed so out of place but Cornelia couldn't say much. She felt alone and all she thinks about are picture perfect moments she desired to have with her mother. Her neglected life left Cornelia feeling lost and she no longer has any idea on who she is. Cornelia later realizes Agatha has her own reasons. As Cornelia opens her eyes and discovers Agatha's past, their worlds turned upside down and nothing was the same again.

Cornelia was known for stuttering because she feels nervous when she speaks but it gets a little bit annoying after a while. Reading aloud was actually kind of amusing when it came to Agatha's and Cornelia's dialogue!

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