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Explore the revolutionary Tesla Model S with this comprehensive, compact handbook. It’s the perfect keepsake for the Tesla enthusiast or owner. As an early Tesla Model S owner who even took a test ride in the prototype, we’ve collected our unique insights, photos, and historical knowledge of Tesla into this fun, easy to read book. No car has moved so quickly from an unknown to one of the most desired cars in the world! Discover how the original Model S was created from concept through production. We reveal it all with stunning photos, unusual cool facts, handy owner tips, photo timelines, and much more. And of course, we'll tell you why it was the most innovative car designed and still is the Best Car Ever!

Because of the numerous photos and accompanying text explanations, we split the book into two parts.  In Part 1, we introduce the Model S.  We explore the design, seating, lighting, huge HD displays, and controlling the Model S remotely.  We examine the many aspects that make the Model S such a great car including: the safety systems, battery, motor, brakes, suspension, computers, and the wireless connectivity. We also explain the wide range of charging options, speeds of different charging methods, Supercharging and other convenient options.

* Detailed overview of the Model S

* Innovative features and safety

* Fueling the Model S

* Over 80 Color Pictures

Great reviews on the printed book:

“The authors have done a great job of packing this compact book with every tidbit and piece of information you ever wanted to know about Tesla Motors and the Model S.” 

“There's even a section dedicated to debunking myths often associated with owning an electric vehicle; car buyers that are considering first-time ownership of an EV would surely appreciate this section.” Teslarati.com

“Tesla Model S The Best Car Ever!" will wow you with its imagery. If the photos don't shock you, then perhaps the up-to-date info will.” Eric Loveday, Inside EVs

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August 18

Customer Reviews

Birdie Hank ,

Highly recommended on ground breaking Tesla Model S

Well written, informative, and beautifully photographed book describing the revolutionary Tesla electric Model S luxury performance sedan. Best source I’ve found for comprehensive, insightful, and humorous information on the Model S (better than the Tesla Motors website). If you’re considering buying a Model S, as I’m about to, this book will help you appreciate the numerous technical, lifestyle, and safety innovations that make this car so fun to drive, and why Tesla owners love them. Highly recommended. Be sure to pick up both Part 1 and Part 2.

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