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TEST AC Power Adapters eBook has 62 videos that demonstrate AC Adapter testing and electrical theory, photo galleries that reveal AC Adapter electronic components, schematic diagrams, illustrations and graphics, and 81 pages.

The purpose of this eBook is to video the operation of different types of AC Power Adapters, and to study the principles of AC Adapter electronics and design. I will demonstrate how to test AC Adapters using a digital multimeter, and how to interpret label specifications to find a suitable AC Adapter replacement.

I also include some interesting topics regarding the causes of low power factor in AC Adapters, and I explain the importance of using a True-RMS digital multimeter when measuring AC Volts and AC Amps.

Reading and interpreting AC Adapter label specifications requires an understanding of Ohm's law and the power equation. I show how to solve Ohm's law problems and I do the math. I explain in detail how to convert DC mA's to Amp's in your head - which comes in handy when comparing AC Adapter specifications.

I explain and demonstrate how to test for circuit continuity, which is an important skill when swapping barrel plugs and testing barrel plug polarity.

What'€™s more, I reveal why Dell AC Power Adapters have a center pin inside the DC barrel plug. It'€™s not a voltage conductor, but a 1-Wire serial bus that carries identifier data stored in a ROM memory chip that'€™s found only inside genuine Dell AC Adapters.

As an added bonus, I demonstrate how to test a Computer ATX Switch Mode Power Supply. I also answer the question, "When the AC electricity is interrupted, how fast does an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) have to be when switching to battery backup - to be considered uninterruptible?€"

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January 1
Jonathan Gordon
Jonathan Gordon