Test Drive

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Publisher Description

Willow Andrew's life is a hot mess.

Coming from a family of successful professionals, the fact that at twenty-seven she still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up doesn't sit well. Desperate not to disappoint her grandmother, she invents a fake boyfriend so Gammy won't worry so much. It seemed a victimless lie... until Gammy announced that Willow AND her boyfriend needed to be present at her 75th birthday party. Or else. Out of time and options, Willow turns to the sexy bartender she's been secretly crushing on for help.

Levi Sullivan has his life in order and thrives off helping others.

In fact, he would do anything to help out a friend. But he's angling for far more than friendship with Willow. Entranced by the clumsy beauty since the first time he watched her trip over nothing, he happily agrees to a chance to spend more time with her. Fake romance or not, he's determined to use their long-distance road trip to turn a game of pretend into something more.

Warning—the roads ahead will twist and turn with laugh-out loud moments and sizzling chemistry. But traffic should be aware, the journey ahead is far more important than the destination.

June 23
Samantha Chase
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jbean168 ,

Come take a Test Drive!!

This story was fun and entertaining, sexy and sweet!! I loved Willow and Levi!! I smiled every time Willow would go on one of her one of her rants whenever she got nervous and how Levi would try to patiently get a word in. He was so sweet sticking up for her and always being her cheerleader when she was started to feel insecure. This is a “don’t miss” kinda story!

Cheryl33610 ,

My favorite of the series

Test Drive is my favorite book in the series, both plot wise, as well as the main couple. Willow and Levi are adorable...she’s a dog walker and part time nanny who’s bit klutzy, and he’s a bar owner with a giant, silent crush. Their road trip is to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday, and introduce her to Willow’s “boyfriend”. But as we all know, fake always turns real, but not before some very sweet and funny moments on the road, and at lunch with a “Romeo“ or two.
Another great book by Samantha Chase!

KellyMcClure ,

Tripping along...

This is the third book in the Road Tripping series from Ms. Chase. It’s an opposites attract, fake boyfriend kind of relationship that causes many hilarious and sexy moments for Levi and Willow.

Levi has his life together. He owns the bar his grandfather left him, is confident in his life choices and has a family full of support and love. Willow isn’t. She doesn’t know what she wants to do other than not psychology (the degree she earned), she can’t seem to walk without tripping or breaking something (how she met Levi) and only feels the love and approval from her grandmother (who she lied to about the boyfriend). Messy doesn’t begin to describe her life.

Enter the white knight. Levi wants to get closer to Willow, even if only under pretense of a relationship. Willow sees Levi as definite eye candy but doesn’t think she is really what he wants. Cue the road trip and eventually the HEA….this has been an interesting road trip adventure. Each book is a stand alone and approaches the idea of road trips from a whole new perspective.

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