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To own her, first he’ll have to survive her...

When Tevra Ivvo's cargo ship is captured by the merciless Zon, she's sold into the bustling slave market on Jaurlan. On the auction block, stripped nearly bare for inspection by the various human and alien bidders, Tevra must pretend to submit long enough to enact her final plan: killing the slave master unlucky enough to place the highest bid and getting herself and her crew off this godforsaken planet. And the handsome, powerful man who's just bought her to warm his bed will never see the knife coming.

Master Gavron Dynaris, owner of the largest energy farm on Jaurlan, hates the slave system as much as he hates the Zon and has dedicated his life to his plan of bringing them down from the inside and freeing the people on the oppressed planet. He's also hiding a secret. He's a lycanari—a genetically engineered shape-shifting species that can transform into an Ancient Earth wolf—and if the wrong people were to learn what he is, he'd face an instant death sentence. But when he sees Tevra being sold at auction, he’s struck by her fierce pride…and his wolf is struck by the need to claim her. After winning her with an absurdly high bid, his struggle to get his headstrong bedslave to trust him begins, while his plan—and his true nature—must stay concealed. But it’s hard to keep secrets once she starts trying to stab him with dinner knives, and once she makes it clear she'll die before she submits to him.

Until he gives her a good spanking...

Reader note: contains light bondage, capture elements, and erotic spanking

February 12
Etopia Press
EP Publishers, LLC

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