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Confessing his deception means risking his career, but not coming clean with her could risk her life

Detective Sean Fitzgerald is hot on the trail of a man who is key to breaking a human trafficking ring, but he needs a way to get close without arousing suspicion. His opportunity comes in the form of film star Annabelle Quinn, who's in town and in need of a bodyguard. Her best friend is his top suspect, and he can use the connection to break his case.

But when Annabelle comes to mean so much more than a means to an end for Sean, his objectivity is in danger, and he's painfully aware that the lies between them could doom any hope for a future for them. Lives depend, however, on him closing the case. When his deceptions endanger Annabelle's life, can he convince her to trust him enough that he can save her?

The LONE STAR LOVERS series includes:









July 12
Jean Brashear
Jean Brashear Literary Trust

Customer Reviews

tab33028 ,

Awesome story!

America’s Princess + Hunky Bodyguard = Awesome Story! In this book the author once again transports the reader right into the story the characters feel real, the scene is set, the action begins. I fall right into the story and find it difficult to put the book down. The book delves into the characters, Annabelle and Sean. Annabelle is an actress and known as “America’s Sweetheart”. Sean is a police officer and belongs to a special task force. Heeding the advice of her friend Martin, Annabelle goes to Texas to “lay low”& escape the press. She just got divorced after finding out her husband was unfaithful. Sean has to go undercover and become Annabelle’s Bodyguard to find info out about her friend, Martin. Martin has been a lifelong friend to Annable. He may be involved in the transporting of underage girls from other countries. Annabelle and Sean spend time together and .... I will say you will enjoy reading this book if you are a fan of romance and mystery and connections. Each book in this series brings back characters from another book from the series. I love how they all connect.
I received an ARC and have chosen to write an honest review.

Jen G F ,

Texas Bodyguard

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Texas Bodyguard:Lone Star Lovers is book 7, Texas Heroes 29 by Jean Brashear is as always a well written, romantic, undercover cop/bodyguard, mystery and twist and turns...

Sean Fitzgerald is a detective who is investigating Martin a prime suspect in human trafficking from his club the Danger Zone but Sean hasn't been able to get a break to take Martin down until a well known actress, Annabelle Quinn and best friend to Martin comes to town. While Annabelle has come to town to see her best friend and to get her life back on track, she needs a bodyguard so Sean goes undercover and becomes her bodyguard thinking this may bring him closer to taking Martin down...little does Sean know that there's more danger, more players, and keeping Annabelle safe from harm could be the hardest of all..

Suspense, lies, deception, romance, and edge of your seat keeps you turning the pages til the last word is read!

Mary Rhonda ,

Great addition to a great series

Jean did it again. Another great story. Each story in the Texas Heroes series draws you in and keeps you there and Texas Bodyguard follows in this tradition. Immediately you want to know more about the characters. “Hollywood” and the undercover cop, Sean have chemistry that is amazing. Annabelle has trust issues. While Sean is falling for her he is also using her to find out more about her best friend who is a suspect in a human trafficking investigation. Somehow Jean manages to resolve their problems and they find their happily ever after.

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