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Jean Brashear's portrait of two wounded souls who find each other just when they most need someone is beautifully, gently drawn. Brashear's smooth style and attention to detail make [this] story quietly captivating.” ~RTBookclub 4 ½ of 5 stars

From New York Times and USAToday bestselling author Jean Brashear: 

Hollywood’s hottest heartthrob Liam Sullivan has escaped the paparazzi and celebrity gossips after a sensational tragedy, reexamining his high-flying lifestyle and his priorities. In disguise, traveling through the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, he encounters a rail-thin, starving woman who has lost everything but the dilapidated cabin where she once lived with her grandmother in happier days. Raina Donovan is determined to make her stand there, but winter is coming, and Liam cannot desert her until he can make her safe, however much she tries to make him leave.

Day by day, they draw closer, but Raina has secrets and so does Liam. Before they can trust enough to confide in each other, the world catches up with them. Can they overcome the stunning shock of their deceptions to find a way to be together, or will the price of their lies ruin any chance they might have for a future?

Stunning, powerful and raw.” ~New York Times bestselling author Stella Cameron

August 25
Jean Brashear
Jean Brashear Literary Trust

Customer Reviews

Reader@70 ,

Overcoming Addiction

Well the story is definitely about coming to terms with our past, whether heartbreak or success. The characters complexity adds to the suspense of survival from fear of ourselves to our own fate. Open your heart and take a ride with these characters who do no give up on love.

Knute1066 ,

Texas heart throb

I found the book slow, ponderous reading. It seemed to never end. And then suddenly, it was over. Not sure I want to put myself through reading any more of her books except I’m fascinated by brother Alex and sister Jilly.

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