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His career is in her hands—will he risk his future to save her?

Clarice Sutton, daughter of privilege, was raised to lead society, but that life feels increasingly empty, so instead of taking her proper place in their social set, she's taken a job her parents abhor: police department psychologist. The company she keeps and the people she meets horrify her oh-so-proper parents and their friends.


Santino "Saint" Valdez—hardnosed detective who is anything but saintly—is under investigation by Internal Affairs for killing a predator he's not at all sorry to have eliminated. Now he's supposed to spill his guts to Miss Prim and Prissy? No way—not ever.


Yet she's not what he expects, and he surprises her, as well. A growing attraction complicates both their lives, and time spent together only strengthens the unwise bond between the mongrel from the streets and the society girl.


Saint's future depends on Clarice's professional evaluation, yet her feelings toward him are increasingly anything but professional. An Internal Affairs detective who trusts her wants Saint's head in a noose, so the stakes couldn't be higher. New on the job, Clarice can't afford to falter, yet the urge to defend the man who won't defend himself is powerful.


And when Clarice learns that the parents she's tried so hard to please have lied to her all her life, the only person she trusts to understand how lost and alone she feels is the very man she must avoid in order to save him.


As the forces against Saint gather, he knows the worst thing he can do is spend time with her and risk tainting her evaluation…yet how can he turn away from her soft and valiant heart when she's suffering so?

May 10
Jean Brashear
Jean Brashear Literary Trust

Customer Reviews

tab33028 ,

Texas Lost

I'm so very glad Jean Brashear is an author! This is one more terrific book in the Texas Heroes Series, and Lone Star Lovers Book Set. When I read this book, I'm immediately drawn into the story. Great character development and story line. There's a mix of suspense and romance. Clarice and Saint are strong characters who are on an emotional roller coaster. I can't give anything away on events in the story, just suffice it to say, I highly recommend this book! I've read many, many books by this author, and somehow each one seems to be awesome. But this is one of my new favorites! Now, go grab your copy of this book!
I received an ARC and have chosen to provide my honest review.

W11nner ,

Texas Lost

Jean is a fantastic author. Her books hook me right from the beginning. I loved watching the relationship develop with Clarice and Saint! I laughed ace teared up with these characters. I was even surprised at the end! Great book highly recommend it.

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