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“One more,” his husky voice almost whispered as his dark, stormy looking eyes traced her small face. She wasn't sure if it was the way his lips curled, the soft edges of his eyes or his deep voice, but the tall dark and quiet cowboy sent a shiver up her spine. Smiling slowly and trying to break away from his soul piercing gaze, Megan nodded and allowed him to pull her a bit closer, resting his chin lightly on the top of her head.
The scent of her hair and perfume waffling around them, he pulled her closer savoring the warmth of her body pressing against his. The rise and fall of her breathing pressed her small rounded breasts against his chest. His eyes narrowing softly as he looked down at her. Blake’s body was more affected by this little beauty than he realized when the tingling need growing in his loins struck him like a lightning bolt. The searing heat of her small hands holding on to his shoulders burned into his skin. She smelled so good, was so warm and soft against his hard, bulky body.The soft humming she’d been doing was unmistakably striking him to his very core. His arms wrapped in a close, protective shield over the small frame of the woman. He savored the heated closeness of their bodies and closed his eyes momentarily as the fingers of her hand stroked lazily over the taut muscles of his neck.

June 29
Jolene Faye
Smashwords, Inc.

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Olderheart ,

The strength of a woman!

'Texas Tornado' is really about the hardship and endurance of a strong and determined woman. True..there were typos and more paragraphs would have been better but, the story was solid and well developed.
Although her body was mistreated and abused many times - there was still room in her heart to love and to be loved. Kudos to the writer for the storyline.

Fan from AZ ,

Texas Tornado

Liked this book. The author depicts real life as it is.

Nessa629 ,

Good story

Western, suspense, romance and more

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