Thanks for the Money Thanks for the Money

Thanks for the Money

How to Use My Life Story to Become the Best Joel McHale You Can Be

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Publisher Description

From actor and comedian Joel McHale comes the most important celebrity-penned book of this, or any, generation. Part shocking tell-all memoir, part aspirational how-to guide, and mostly all book, this one-of-a-kind tome is required reading for anyone who enjoys Hollywood gossip, get-rich-gradually tips, and copious illustrations and charts.

 “…Thanks for the Money is a clever, much-needed antidote to the age of celebrity book deals. If the tide can’t be stopped, at least it can be mocked.”—

Joel McHale pulls back the curtain on his personal journey to stardom! Here, for the first time, Joel reveals all that has molded him into the acclaimed comic actor he is today: a love of performance, a series of boyhood head injuries, and most importantly, a passion for financial compensation and free shoes.

It’s all here: Joel’s career trials and tribulations, his criminal trials and tribulations, and an honest, unflinching list of all the people he’s been paid money to make out with, on camera.

But the book does not stop there! Because if you want wealth, fame, and cost-free footwear, Joel will share every vital tip he has learned: an insanely low-carb diet plan, how to escape from a certain pseudo-religious celebrity cult, and more!

How can you unlock the power of the Joel McHale who lurks inside? What happened when Joel fought his Community co-star Chevy Chase? And hey, while we’re at it, what’s up with Joel’s hair—really? All will be revealed, within the pages of Thanks for the Money.

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Biographies & Memoirs
October 25
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

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Hilarious, Sarcastic, Garbage

The thing about Joel McHale, I have noticed, from my brief Youtube excursion and enjoyment of the show “Community”, is that people either think he is cuttingly sarcastic and therefore funny, or they think he is cuttingly sarcastic and completely misses the mark, making him an unfunny tool who doesn’t know how to shut up. I happen to think he’s funny, but this book, where he definitely leans into the “tool” impression he is very aware of (along with all the comments about his hair) is genuinely very funny. Even someone who hates his guts would probably appreciate *something* that he makes fun of, considering that he makes fun of himself and the book itself more than anything.

The book is essentially nothing but constant sarcastic jibes at himself, Hollywood, his family, rich people, and you, the reader, for being enough of a sucker to buy something that has accumulated more wealth for him.

Anyway, I was intrigued enough to spend $4 on this book when a section labeled “How to Survive a Chevy Chase Attack” was reported to be enclosed. I read the book in a few hours and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are many diagrams and interactive elements enclosed, along with clickable footnotes in the digital version which, though I am not ADHD, I imagine would make this book a lot easier to read and enjoy for long periods if I had ADHD. I still enjoyed clicking on the footnotes and looking at the pictures and diagrams a lot anyway. The chapters are also very short and easy to get through.

I seriously laughed out loud multiple times throughout, and couldn’t put it down. It’s like a long stand up routine, with some added biographical content and anecdotes and an entirely fictitious story about escaping the clutches of Scientology, which I may have appreciated more than the average reader because that cult destroyed the marriage and creditworthiness of a person I know. So screw them. The book also discusses product placement and how celebrities engage in it and get free stuff in a very humorous manner.

The most serious the book ever becomes is when McHale’s dyslexia is discussed, and that’s still far from serious (and only about four pages)—if you were looking for “woe is me” content or really anything taken seriously at all, there really isn’t anything, and the chapter that details the types of celebrity memoirs you should write when you become famous probably makes it clear why. It really is a very funny book that makes fun of pretty much everything about celebrities, celebrities writing books, and Joel McHale. So thanks to Joel McHale’s ghost writers for writing it.

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