Thanks Fur Last Night

Eve Langlais and Others
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Enter a world of smoldering shifters in this scintillating anthology headlined by New York Times bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden with brand-new, never published novellas!

Bearing His Sin

Cole should have killed Anja the moment he realized she was his mate. Instead, he let her live and now they’re on the hunt, chasing the morons who think they can force her to marry another man. Like hell. And while this shapeshifting bear might have his share of sins, he’s not going to let little things like murder and mayhem prevent him from having the woman meant to be the keeper of his heart.

Bought by the Bear
Josilyn Martinez just needed the money to help raise her nephew. That's it. There's no other reason she would take a job posing as a shifter's mate so he can assure his grandmother he's settled down. There's no reason to stay at his place so they learn "more about each other." And there's definitely no good reason she should get involved with the hard, hot, and handsome shifter that's hired her.

Xander just needs a fake mate for a week to get his grandmother off his back. But what's a bear shifter to do when the impostor mate he hired turns out to be his actual mate? All sweet, luscious curves and a heart of gold, Xander's not going to let his mate get away. Now all he has to do is show her that they belong together, one kiss and touch at a time...

The Alpha and I
Devon Kincaid is happy with her new life in Lowman, Idaho. Her little bar on the outskirts of the tiny, isolated town is doing well, and she’s not even interested in finding a man. But when she finds a bleeding man—a hot, hard, handsome, naked bleeding man—in the snow one night, Devon brings him home to care for him. He’s definitely not like any man she’s ever met before, but what she doesn’t realize is that he’s not just a man…

Liam Murphy isn't simply a werewolf. He's the Alpha. In a heated battle with a deadly bear shifter, he's moved his pack to the Sawtooth Wilderness in order to draw danger from them. He was hoping to escape his problems—but the last thing he expects to find in the isolated Idaho wilderness was his mate. Fragile and unfamiliar with the violent supernatural world, the only way he can protect Devon is to make her what he is: a werewolf. He only hopes that in the process convincing her to enter fully into his world, that he doesn’t drive away the one woman he can’t live without.

January 30
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Devilwmn ,

Fun shifter trilogy!!!

**Received ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review**
Overall for all three stories I'd rate this book at 4.5 stars!!!
Thanks Fur Last Night is a trio of shifter novella's. This is a standalone book.
Bearing His Sins by Eve Langlais
I'd rate this story at 4.75 stars! Is Cole and Anya's story. Cole is a bear shifter and Anya is the daughter of a Russian mobster and her grandmother runs off and has her hidden from her grandfather. To get away from a life of hiding and a betrothal she must go back to Russia to get out from under her grandfather's thumb. I love the author and her over the top comedy with her characters. I know anytime I read one of her books, no matter how bad of a mood I'm in it will cheer me up and this book is no exception! I really enjoyed the characters, I love the comedy in the book, but you also get a fair amount of action and romance. I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, the only thing that would have made this book better would have been a little more story about them at the end. Otherwise great story!!
Bought by the Bear by Milly Taiden
I'd rate this story at 4.5 stars! Xander needs to find a mate fast so that he can get his grandmother to sign over her portion of their company to him. In order to do this he puts out an add with specific requirements. Josilyn is down on her luck thanks to her slimy ex-husband who ruined her due to his petty jealousy. When Josilyn's friend see's the add through her company she gets Josilyn to apply, little do they know she's the perfect fit. This story was very enjoyable, not the comedy that you get from the first story. But you will get a good story, some action/adventure and of course romance. The characters had pretty good chemistry and were enjoyable to read about. Again, the book ends but needs more, doesn't feel finished which is again my gripe about the story.
The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter
I would rate this story at 4 stars! Devon up and moved two states away to get away from her controlling ex. What she isn't expecting, is while driving home in a snow storm, to find an unconscious man naked in the snow. This book is full of action and suspense. The characters are very enjoyable, the chemistry between them is good. I have two gripes with this book the first being a lot of typo's and the second is the same I've said from the first two stories, the story ended and didn't give enough ending.
Otherwise I really enjoyed the book all around and I would definitely recommend! Hope this helps! Happy Reading!!!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Great sampler of multiple authors

What I love about these anthologies is that you get a sampler of authors in short novellas. It’s a great way to see if you like an authors work before buying their books. In Thanks Fur Last Night, Eve Langais, Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter each provided us a novella on bear shifters and a werewolf.

Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais: What I’ve learned about Eve Langlais’ books is that she loves to write the silly, comedic love stories on all kinds of shifters. Bearing His Sin is on the lighter side and was pretty entertaining. It’s over the top silly, but it worked in this story. I laughed a lot! If you enjoy the sillier side, I think you’ll enjoy Bearing His Sin.

Bought By The Bear by Milly Taiden: This story was cute but an average read. I liked that the Hero hired the heroine to pretend to be his mate for his grandma only to find out she actually is his mate. It’s also a rich man, poor girl Cinderella type of story. For a rich man, the Hero was not as confident as I would have expected. He came off more as a boy entering an adult world. This might be one that if extended to a longer story, I would have enjoyed the better developed characters.

The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter: This was a good story but an average read. There wasn’t anything about it to make it standout for such a short read. What you do learn is that it’s well written and has potential to be a great story if it was longer and better developed. Novellas are great but sometimes the shortness of a story makes it feel too rushed. Also, I have to admit that it bothered me that the author forgot about the dog in the story. I’m sure it was an oversite but it made it seem like they just abandoned the dog in a cabin the woods and never went back for it.

Conclusion: Out of all three novellas, Eve Langlais was my favorite. It stood out for making me laugh and kept me entertained with the silliness.

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