That Thing You Do: A Novel That Thing You Do: A Novel

That Thing You Do: A Novel

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Friends don’t let friends marry the wrong man. But where, oh where, is Mr. Right?

In high school, Greta Steinburg and her two BFFs made a pact: none of them would get married unless they all approved the man in question. Since then, Greta has had her fair share of romantic ups and downs—but now, after her latest failed relationship, she is done. Greta announces that her days of dating are officially over, and she’s kissed the idea of happily-ever-after goodbye. . .

Of course her friends will hear none of it. Instead, they insist that Greta go out with Jon, the hottest new DJ who just happened to be at her sister’s wedding. To get her friends off her back, Greta proposes that they pretend to date. The only problem is, for every fake date they have—from feeding angry rhinos to crashing a kiddie roller-skating party—Jon wants a real one. Each time they get together, their attraction grows. . .and soon there’s no turning back. Could it be that true love requires a leap of faith—and that Jon is the one Greta’s been waiting for all along?

Kayti McGee's That Thing You Do is a charmingly sexy novel about finding love in the least likely place.

August 29
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Astroyic ,

Charming, Sweet & Sexy!

Romantic Comedy at its Best! If you want to read something entertaining, charming, sweet and sexy, with a good amount of heat, lol moments full of sass, as well as heart, this is it. Kayti McGee is a new author to me and I am so glad I found her. I Loved this refreshing storyline with hilarious banter and sexual chemistry that is off the charts.
Greta Steinburg and her two best friends made a pact at the age of fifteen that they, would never marry without the agreement of all of them. So after always being the bridesmaid, but never the bride, Greta, finds herself manipulated into another pact, allowing her trusted friends to pick her next date, the DJ from her sister’s wedding. But for Greta no man had ever failed to disappoint her, from her father to the string of ex-boyfriends that had led her to stop dating in the first place. She was not going to let them, set her up for heartbreak now. So she comes up with a great plan to trick her friends into thinking that she is putting herself out there, by talking “DJ Force” or Jon Hargrove into going out on some fake dates with her.
Jon Hargrove is the hottest thing on the San Francisco music scene. He is also friends with Greta’s new brother in law Matt. Tired of being wanted and used only for what people can get from him. When he sees a gorgeous, silly, carefree girl at the wedding he volunteered to DJ at for his best friend, it is her seeming reluctance to connect with him, that draws him in. He is tired of the fake relationship game, and is ready to settle down with the one. Could it be fate that has him meeting her in the coat room as she is leaving? Or will Greta’s quirky idea about fake dating be the end?
But Jon is so much more than Greta expected, and he has a condition to her fake dates. For every fake date there would be a real date. Let the games begin and the sizzling chemistry fire up. Because their heartwarming romance will give you all the feels, I laughed, I cried, I melted, I swooned. I Loved It!
Highly Recommended.
Received an arc through the publisher via NetGalley and voluntarily wrote an honest review.

skkgagnon ,

Sweet & Sexy Romance

This is a sweet and sexy romance. It started out when Greta and her friends were young teens trying to figure out love and how not to have their hearts broken. They make a pact that they will only date men who they all agree on. Fast forward a decade and they are all at Greta's sister's wedding as Greta mourns being a bridesmaid yet again. As the friends have a few too many drinks, Greta catches the eye of the sexy DJ playing music. Her friends talk her into dating him. Greta doesn't thing she is capable of love, and decides to fake date him to get them off her back. Jon the DJ is tired of being used for his fame and wants to find someone to settle down with. He agrees to fake date Greta if she will date him for real as well. When you try to pull one over on your friends, what could go wrong? So begins a fun and flirty, hot and steamy story of finding true love in unexpected places. Jon is so sweet, kind, and sexy. He easily charms Greta's friends, the adorable little girl, Mina, who Greta takes care of, but also drawing in Greta as well. I was a bit frustrated with some of Greta's decisions and actions but I loved the twist and grand gesture at the end. There are some emotional situations and twists that keep this story flowing. I loved the unconditional support from Gretas wonderful and funny, family and friends. If you like fun, heartfelt, emotional and hot and steamy romance, you will definitely enjoy this book.

tsmb02(Sue G.) ,

This story sure tugged at my heartstrings!

Greta and her two best friends, Amy and Summer make a pact when they were one can get married to a guy unless the other two both give their approval! Fast forward 11 years and her friends are making another pact....two of the friends will pick the guy for the other girl to date.

At Greta sister's Angie's wedding, Greta is drowning her sorrows with her two best friends when she notices the cute DJ, Jon. Ends up he is good friends with the groom. Also great is that the DJ had already noticed her! Summer and Amy decide the hot DJ is who Greta has to date! Greta's on the floor dancing and keeping Jon amused. Just when he thinks Greta is going to approach him, she takes off. He asks the bride and groom who that bridesmaid was. Angie explains it is her sister, and good luck with that. A small bet ensues and now Jon is up for the challenge. He meets up with Greta in the coat room with a fun exchange and she ends up with his coat and phone number.

Greta wants to pretend to date Jon to appease her friends, but he really wants to date her so they agree for every pretend date that Greta sets up, Jon will set up a real date. Oh, was this fun. Greta kept picking things that she thought would scar off Jon (think Harry Potter!), while Jon picked things that would reel Greta in closer. It was so enjoyable to watch these two pretend date/really date. Of course, as things started to get serious, Greta freaked out. Jon realized that he needed to do something dramatic with Greta to really get her attention....and boy did he.

I really enjoyed both of these characters. Jon was so dreamy and add in that British accent and SWOON! Greta just wanted to be loved but was so afraid to try. Add in Greta's two crazy friends, along with Mina, the tween that Greta was a nanny for for and it makes for a great, enjoyable story. Be warned, you will laugh and cry during this one. It really tugged at my heart strings.

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