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Relationships are the core of significance to others that become one in completeness with love. However, ups and downs with a soulmate is a runaway to acceptance. In this life, Millisa grounds herself to stay at home, in love with Morgan who wants her to himself and far away from her girlfriends that hate him and the way he holds Millisa hostage. Janet loves Millisa but doesn’t agree with her life and while Janet and Glenn live up good opportunity soon to be wed, Janet becomes the overall disaster when windows to her past open, leaving Glenn with a decision. Live or die! Britany hated the way Janet always tried to control everybody’s relationships like she had all the right answers and nothing to hide, like Janet’s panties didn’t stink of secrets. Nick on the other hand was Britany’s everything, but when he got drunk and physically abusive, it left Britany with mixed emotions. When Millisa’s mom, Veronica, comes to town she tries to find a man to sleep with. Could it be one of Millisa’s girlfriend’s significant others? While Nick is off on a vacation, Britany finds Franswa who soothed her of everything with great sex, until Franswa began to stalk and blackmail her. Fredrick tries to keep it together and Evoune is there for support, but Fredrick finds himself in another jam. Will Evoune be that ride or die chick? Will Morgan stay with Millisa or will he leave her for London who was like a ghost, the way he continued to search for London all around town like love never existed at home? Or maybe love was just a figment of everyone’s imagination! For the love of secrets, infidelity and insanity, thank God for friendship, for when relationships land you dead, in jail or mentally damaged, if you don’t realize That’s the Way Love Goes, then you might not ever come back to reality.

October 15
Bookstand Publishing
Ingram DV LLC