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Christian author, Robert L. Kelly, trumpets the virtual horn of Gabriel in The Federal Reserve Trilogy. The $30 Trillion Heist --- Scene Of The Crime? and The $30 Trillion Heist --- Follow The Money!, are break-through documentaries and examples of investigative journalism at its finest. In them, Mr. Kelly issues a scathing and teeth-rattling review of the secret and unauthorized actions by the Federal Reserve System, while uncovering what may be the greatest crime of all time. His meticulous work tells the story of an utterly covert operation --- a secret heist by the Fed, the banks and the elite of nearly $30 Trillion from the American taxpayer, absconded without the consent of Congress, or permission of the people. Their brazen action has set the stage for the third book of the trilogy, D'Apocalypse™ Now! --- The Doomsday Cycle. The $30 Trillion dollar heist and caper snatched taxpayer-backed money to surreptitiously reimburse banks and the elites, as a result of losses they experienced during the credit crisis. These books read like detective novels, revealing shocking details of the actions by the Federal Reserve, and a large number of co-conspirators. The $30 Trillion Heist asks the grave and important question everyone in Congress is afraid to know the answer to --- "Did The Federal Reserve And Its Co-Conspirators Commit Treason Against The United States Of America?" Mr. Kelly's detective work reveals exactly how the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve Banks (which are privately owned by the large commercial banks and their elite owners) hide their activities from the American public and the U.S. Congress, while pillaging ungodly amounts of wealth off the backs of hard-working American taxpayers. The compelling and overwhelming evidence of the elites' attempt to wrest control from the governed, for the benefit of a small group of powerful, unelected people, is must reading for every American, and every citizen of the world. Mr. Kelly artfully weaves together a tapestry of complex information, and transforms it into the simple-to-understand pieces of a solved jigsaw puzzle. His lucid and candid descriptions "connect the dots" and leaves little doubt the Fed's secret actions solely benefit the banks and the elite-while leaving dozens of American cities on the verge of economic destruction and infernal social collapse. Mr. Kelly coins the term "Assflation™", where the Federal Reserve takes money from the masses and drives up the asset prices of the elite. The Federal Reserve Trilogy hopes to awaken a sleeping Congress and an uninformed American public. D'Apocalypse™ Now!, the third book of the trilogy, delivers a foreboding warning of a Doomsday Cycle which lies dead ahead, directly before us. Its ubiquitous danger is daunting and the potential for devastation is immense. D'Apocalypse™ Now! reveals in astonishing and blistering detail, the greed and avarice of the banks, the Federal Reserve and the elite behind them, which directly cause the Doomsday Cycle and the great D'Apocalypse™. Mr. Kelly documents exactly what has transpired and provides ingenious plans for governments, corporations, hedge funds, pension funds and individuals to prosper and avoid the destruction inevitably heading our way. Mr. Kelly's charts on the Dow and Gold are astounding and will help you --- both before, and after, D'Apocalypse™ strikes! By any measure, Mr. Kelly's evidence is compelling. The activities of the 4 Horsemen of the D'Apocalypse™ (JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs), and their elite owners, will make readers outraged, filling them with righteous indignation. The Federal Reserve Trilogy should cause every politician to stand up and take notice --- or duck for cover. Millions of angry citizens shall bear their scorn against them in the years ahead. All bankers should head for the hills --- your secret is now out!

April 1
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