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The Irish Uprising comes to life in this “expertly paced novel” of Michael Collins and the fight for freedom “with a historian’s keen eye” (Cahir O’Doherty, Irish Voice).
On Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, a great revolution began as working-class men and women occupied buildings throughout Dublin, Ireland. Among the commoners was Michael Collins, a young staff captain of the Irish Volunteers, and fourteen-year-old messenger boy, Eoin Kavanagh. Four days later they would all surrender, but they had struck the match that would burn Great Britain out of Ireland for the first time in seven hundred years.
The 13th Apostle is the reimagined story of how Michael Collins transformed Ireland from a colony into a nation. Collins’s secret weapon was his assassination squad, nicknamed “The Twelve Apostles.” On November 21, 1920, the squad—with its thirteenth member, young Eoin—assassinated the entire British Secret Service in Dublin. Twelve months and sixteen days later, Collins signed the treaty which would bring into being what is known today as the Republic of Ireland.
An epic novel in the tradition of Thomas Flanagan’s The Year of the French, The 13th Apostle will capture the imaginations and hearts of freedom-loving readers everywhere.
“A compelling blow-by-blow account of the efforts Michael Collins led to bring independence to Ireland.” —Publishers Weekly
“McEvoy’s expertly paced novel conjures the streets and characters with a historian’s keen eye.” —Cahir O’Doherty, Irish Voice
“McEvoy gives us the story of the Irish War for Independence in all its vivid, intimate, squalid, intricate, heroic, and tragic immediacy. . . . This is historical fiction of a rare and wonderful sort.” —Peter Quinn, author of Banished Children of Eve

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