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The NEVER-BEFORE published success principles of America’s most infamous drug kingpin--Rick Ross, from best-selling, internationally-published, award-winning author Kolie Crutcher. If you want to become a true KINGPIN in your chosen field, then keep reading…

Starting with only $125, Rick Ross ascended to power in the 1980s to become the most notorious crack cocaine dealer in United States history. During the height of his reign, “Freeway Rick” was making $2-3 million per day (despite being illiterate), as he trafficked untold kilograms--keys--of cocaine all across America. But after being set up by his Nicaraguan connect and the United States CIA, Ross was sentenced to life in federal prison.

Today, Ross is a free man. And once again, he is pushing keys--keys of success. In The 21 Keys of Success, Kolie Crutcher details the 21 success principles--the 21 keys--he witnessed the former kingpin use daily while “ridin’ with Rick” around Los Angeles over the course of several months. These keys not only made Rick Ross a fortune of over $600 million, but they ultimately overturned his life sentence and freed him from prison. And now, these 21 keys are available to you.

In The 21 Keys of Success, you will discover:

* How a black teenager born into poverty-stricken and racially-segregated rural Texas turned $125 into a billion-dollar cocaine empire... even though he never learned to read

* The simple most powerful character trait that makes “crime pay”

* Why understanding that money isn’t real is actually the key to you making more of it

* The scientific reason why your current failures and lack of visible success indicate that you are actually on the path of massive future success

* Why your current belief in God is limiting your success

* The secret key to immediately unleashing the untapped power of your thoughts

* How to turn your common name into an uncommon brand

* The mental bridge that connects your failure into fame, your poverty into plenty and your setbacks into success  

So, even if you’ve tried and failed, been disappointed and heartbroken by your attempts to “make it”, The 21 Keys work universally for all striving to overcome life’s adversities and live the life you want. Uncommon success in business is the result of uncommon business principles. Although some will scoff at the notion of discovering principles of success from a “drug dealer”, the reality is straight-forward: Although cocaine is an illegal drug, the uncommon business principles used to get rich from selling it are not. One may change the product, yet keep the principles. As such, the hidden key that unlocks the the door to your greatness is within the pages of this book. And here’s a clue: 

Whether you are a street hustler on the corner, or a “legit” businessperson in the corner office, SUCCESS... IS DOPE!

If you want to turn your small pocket change into big profits--and become the kingpin in your profession--then scroll up and click the Buy button to get your book instantly.

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January 18
Kolie Crutcher
Kolie Crutche

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