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It's so much easier to hide behind a façade of normalcy when physical violence has yet to manifest itself.

Physical abuse is obvious. Someone slaps you. You recognize it as violence. Someone slams you down on the ground – the violence is escalated. Someone chokes you? The violence is now clearly defined.

But what about the more subtle forms of violence?

The assaults to your psyche?

The assassination of your self-esteem?

That's the more insidious killer. The one harder to identify and convict.

That’s the conversation Award-winning TV Editor and bestselling author TaJuan “TeeJ” Mercer wants to have with you because she’s been there.  

While working on some of Television’s biggest shows, holding it down in Hollywood, TeeJ was being held down in her own home.

Under the delusion that Domestic Violence only happened to underprivileged, uneducated, so-called “weak” women, TeeJ had a hard time resolving that it could happen to a Howard University educated, focused, and accomplished woman. For years she was under a spell that led to what she says,  "I educated and successified my way into denial”—a mistake that almost proved fatal. 

As a 6-figure earner, a successful business woman in her own right, TeeJ found herself in the incomprehensible position of walking on eggshells in her own home, questioning her competence and sanity, feeling that she had gone crazy.

But one day she made the startling realization that she wasn’t crazy; she was sleeping NEXT to C.R.A.Z.Y.

So when the public was screaming “gold-digger” at Janay Rice, after her then-fiancé, NFL player Ray Rice, knocked her out in an Atlantic City elevator, TeeJ was screaming, “Noooooo. She is not a gold-digger. I completely understand why she went on with the wedding.

Now TeeJ wants women, whether they are earning six figures or six cents, to wake up women and understand that emotional abuse is real, but they don’t have to suffer alone in silence. TeeJ wants to tear down that façade of normalcy with a laser-focused mission designed to help women understand that they can and need to get out before the verbal escalates to the physical.

October 1
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