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Reaching new readers is the bedrock of a successful, sustainable career as an author. Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to reach these new readers. 

But where do you start? Who do you target? How much should you spend? How do you create scroll-stopping Facebook Ads? 

These are just some of the questions that were going around in my head before I started running Facebook Ads...

And that's exactly why I have written this book, The 7 Day Authors Guide to Facebook Ads. It walks you through, step-by-step, the entire process I use when planning, building, launching, analyzing, optimizing and scaling Facebook Ads. 

It's the guide I wish I had when I was getting started. 

I know there are authors out there who understand the importance of advertising but just feel so overwhelmed about where to turn first that they end up in a situation of paralysis by analysis, resulting in them taking no action at all. 

Facebook Ads offer an incredible opportunity to position your books in front of your ideal readers, increase sales, page reads, royalties and ultimately, take your author career to new heights. 

Here's what we'll cover together over the next 7 days:

Day 1: Understanding Facebook Ads

Day 2: Building Your Foundation

Day 3: Facebook Ads Structure

Day 4: Finding Your Readers and Planning Your Ads

Day 5: Creating Your First Facebook Ad

Day 6: Key Metrics and Optimization

Day 7: Your Next Chapter (Scaling Things Up)

At the end of each Day, I've also laid out a 10-20 minute Action Step that will help you keep moving forwards, implementing what you learn and ensure you start seeing results fast. 

Start reading The 7 Day Authors Guide To Facebook Ads today and just a week from now, you can be running profitable Facebook Ads that are growing your readership, selling more books and building your career as an author. 

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March 12
Matthew J Holmes
Draft2Digital, LLC

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