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‘The ABC of ICT’ is primarily a tool for instructors, teachers and lecturers who are looking for teaching and learning mediums to motivate and enthuse their learners.  You will be presented with a range of resources that can be used within a classroom setting – complete with Formative Assessment strategies and Teaching and Learning suggestions for a range of subject areas.  I have only included resources that I think add to a lesson, and as such, all of the reviews should be positive.  I have however, highlighted concerns or considerations that an instructor might need to consider – these will differ depending on the age and ability of your users.  I do not endorse any particular app, website or technology which allows me to be entirely honest and forthright with my subjective reviews and suggestions.  I would hope that ‘The ABC of ICT’ makes a teachers life easier and saves you a significant amount of time both inside and outside of the classroom.  ICT should be employed to deliver a supplement to face-to-face courses in a traditional setting or to teach and deliver a fully or semi-online course. 

ICT, when taught well, is about developing a student’s thinking skills and capabilities and has a proven effect on developing progress and attainment when compared to control groups.  By providing a framework from which students can learn and collaborate, research suggests that students are more likely to continue the learning process out of the classroom, those establishing a thirst for life-long learning and the techniques to do so independently.  ICT does not have to be a stand-alone activity within a classroom or lesson; it can be a continuous long-term project that students develop alongside the use of other teaching and learning strategies that will prepare them for the challenges that life will present.

Professional & Technical
January 21
The ABC of ICT
Gary Whiting