#7 - The Ghost Bird Series

The Academy - House of Korba

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Publisher Description

House of Korba is the seventh book in The Academy Ghost Bird Series.

It's homecoming week at Ashley Waters, but Sang Sorenson has a lot more on her mind than dresses and crowns. Silas's troubled past—full of secrets he and his team thought they'd buried—comes back to haunt him, threatening to ruin everything.

Silas tries to deal, but guilt weighs heavily on him and Sang realizes she might be the only one who can help him keep it together.

Bomb threats have increased. They are followed at every turn. The principal is resorting to drastic measures to make sure they're all going to be kicked out. Pushed to their limits, Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North, along with other members of the Academy, have finally had enough. This time, more Academy members are brought in to help hunt down the culprit, and keep everyone safe. It'll cost the boys, but in the end, even a bittersweet victory is better than disaster.

This time, they're getting what they need. All it takes is learning the line of when to let go, and when to never give up

The Academy, Together

Young Adult
October 26
Arcato Publishing, Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

chicago_street ,


I try to hide/ignore the newest book for as long as I can. I know I will read it in a day or two and then I go a little crazy without it right after. Because I know that I won't have another dose for a while. Ahhh, the suspense! I'm still waiting for the next audio book. The first one was great. She really found the greatest voices. Okay, now back to waiting...

Bell Marie ,

It's starting to drag.

I started out loving this series but now it's starting to drag. Somehow 4 months of the character's life has been dragged out into 8 books. I think the ages are a little off. These 15-16-year-olds are doing all of these dangerous things and the descriptions are unrealistic. Most 15-16 year old guys are still small and not fully matured. It just doesn't make sense. And the whole Volto thing is getting boring. I feel like this could have easily ended in 3 books. I don't know how there's 20. And the whole date and marry everyone is CREEPY. Plus the profanities are way overboard. This book was probably the most boring in the whole series.

L. Swan ,

Addicting Read

Another crazy intriguing adventure, I like how all these books seem to go in depth with the guys background and it works with the slow developing and solving of the Ashley Water's job. It's very satisfying learning the culprit of the school threats but that Volto character sure can be infuriating with his constant need to meddle and ruffle the group's feathers to his own personal pleasure it seems, looking forward to when that mask is finally revealed.
Each book seems to pick one of the main characters and divulges into their history and family background I find it addicting, I love how the reader gets a more personal in depth with the main character but not losing the other voices as well a nice balance between all 9 characters.
This book was about Silas's family and the heartbreaking secrets proving how much they all come from broken homes and found a love in a seemly hopeless situation. Silas comes to terms with his feelings regarding the past while fighting with the desire to make a drastic decision that could affect the Academy family in his attempt to keep them safe and also learning the depth of his feelings for Sang.
Sang is adorably fierce and very protecting of her new family, learning more about them all the time and coming to terms of what she wants to do with regards to joining the Academy and knowing it's potential dangers. I like Sang's slow growing relationships with the guys when pertaining to intimacy, because Sang grew up mentally and physically abused by family members and with all the life changes Sang is going through, it just makes sense that Sang would want to put off her feelings for the guys as long as possible but to still feel apart of them while adjusting to the new way of life.
I find this whole harem concept totally absurd and wild not sure how it will work out but rooting for them to succeed anyway, it's fun.

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