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From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Patricia Loofbourrow:

The Ace of Clubs brings you the third suspenseful chapter of the Red Dog Conspiracy.

Trapped. Betrayed. Desperate.

Could you betray your people to buy your freedom?

The one secret which could destroy everything ...

After financial disaster and the zeppelin bombing, the far future domed neo-Victorian city of Bridges is reeling. Three of the four Families are implicated, and an inquest is called to investigate.

After her failure to prove Jack Diamond's guilt in David Bryce's kidnapping and the murders of her informants, private eye and mobster's moll Jacqueline Spadros has had enough. While she and her former lover Joseph Kerr try to learn who killed their family friend, they also begin making plans to leave the city.

Her tormentors, however, are just getting started. As their web of lies and forgery draws ever tighter, Jacqui begins to see how deep the conspiracy against her and the Spadros Family really goes.

When she's called as a witness in the inquest, the secrets Jacqui has kept over the years come back to cause her serious trouble. Will she be able to escape Bridges? Or will she be forced to face the terrible consequences of her lies and trickery once and for all?

What early readers are saying about The Ace of Clubs:

"The story goes on very fluently and fast, the twists are sometimes really shocking, and you maintain consistency in your character personalities (except for their development under the circumstances, which is a desired effect) and in the world building as well. One of the best beta drafts I have ever read, to be honest.” – Lenka T

“I like that a lot of this s**t has finally been aired and gotten out in the open.” – Corey L

“The book was a good read” – Tasha R

“What another superb book in this totally mind blowing series. When you think a book can’t get better it does.” – Jackie

"A thoroughly recommeded book - what is even better is this is not the last volume of a trilogy but just another in a longer series. This author is fast becoming one of my favourites ..." - Julian W

From the author:

In every story, there's a place where the main character can't stay where she is anymore - she has to embrace the adventure calling to her and move into a larger world.

The Ace of Clubs builds on everything which has happened to Jacqueline Spadros in The Jacq of Spades and The Queen of Diamonds and shows her the true aims of the Red Dog Gang - as well as giving her clues as to how to fight it.

Pre-order your copy and continue the adventure!

Note: This is part 3 of a 13-part serial steampunk noir novel, the Red Dog Conspiracy. While it's not mandatory to have read The Jacq of Spades (part 1) and The Queen of Diamonds (part 2), it's highly recommended that you do so before venturing forth.

Warning: language, alcohol/smoking, sexual content, infidelity, and attempted rape.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 1
Patricia Loofbourrow
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