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The complete police-procedural trilogy featuring maverick London Inspector Aden Vanner: Sleep No More, Sorted, and Close Quarters.
Sleep No More: London’s Detective Chief Inspector Aden Vanner, former member of the Irish Army, has never tracked a serial killer as elusive as the Watchman. The victims are all ordinary citizens in need of some twisted retribution, shot execution-style. But when Vanner is shut out of the case by his superintendent, it could cost him more than his career, because Vanner has suddenly become the prime suspect.
Sorted: Aden Vanner, demoted from the rank of London’s Detective Chief Inspector, is beaten outside a pub by unknown assailants. Vanner knows the difference between a garden-variety robbery and something else. This felt like payback. Considering how many people Vanner has crossed, it could be anyone. Now it’s Vanner’s turn to get even—and where better than as new Detective Inspector of the Drug Squad.
Close Quarters: Aden Vanner is investigating drug dealers in the Harlesden district of London when the shooting death of a suburban wife captures his attention. As Vanner digs into the case, he begins to make connections between her murder and the Harlesden gang, between her husband and the IRA, and between himself and a vengeful old acquaintance. When all the pieces collide, even Vanner isn’t prepared for the explosion.
Informed by his research with the Metropolitan Police Department, Jeff Gulvin’s thrilling trilogy brings readers into criminal London with frightening authenticity.
“Gulvin keeps your nose glued to the page.” —The Literary Review

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May 14
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