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The Adventures by John Buchan. Book 8: 1. Salute to Adventurers; 2. Sir Quixote of the Moors; 3. The Blanket of the Dark. 

1. Salute to Adventurers: Published - 1915.

Salute to Adventurers is a 1915 novel by John Buchan.

Andrew Garvald is a young Scottish merchant who has bravely come to make his fortune in a newly colonised America. Outlawed from Virginian society for opposing the London traders’ monopoly, his friends are Red Ringan, a pirate and gentleman adventurer and Shalah, an exiled Indian prince. When Garvald is faced with a deadly foe, the stakes are high - the love of a beautiful lady and the existence of Virginia.

2. Sir Quixote of the Moors: Published - 1895.

In the mid-sixteenth century, Jean de Rohaine, a middle-aged French nobleman, journeys to Scotland in search of adventure and a new beginning. In Scotland he meets up with his old friend, Quentin Kennedy, who informs him of a great battle to be waged. Yet what is the Frenchman's horror when he rides with Kennedy's men in search of honour, but finds instead that the "war" is with unarmed religious dissidents, "Covenanters," whom he watches massacred.

Disgusted, he sets off alone across the barren moors, where he wanders until he comes to a cottage containing a beautiful and unprotected young woman, Anne. Rohaine promises to be her protector, but his ideals of honour and duty will be put to the test when he finds himself gradually falling in love with her...

3. The Blanket of the Dark: Published - 1931.

The period is the Pilgrimage of Grace. In the country west of Oxford, nobles, clergy and laity await the success of the risings in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire to overthrow Henry VIII and Cromwell. Peter Pentecost is the man they plan to put on the English throne. Although a monk by training, he is the legitimate child of the Duke of Buckingham and the last of the Bohuns. His bid to be crowned and his duel with Henry VIII make for an exciting adventure.

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