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In the not too distant future, after the Wastes of 2066 to 2092, the population of Earth has been decimated by famine, disease and war. Now, a new will is in place to avert war and overpopulation. Whilst some of the idealism doesn't work, amazingly, the planet recovers rapidly. 

Two of the new population that have grown up in the dawn of  New Earth, are Inca Jaeger, a brilliant and beautiful scientist, and Luke O' Riain, an adventurer scientist, surgeon and vet. 

With their planet returning to her former beauty, preservation and restoration of species and ecosystems is prioritized.

The new heroes of the age are the scientists.They face danger, disease, and fearsome alien life in their calling, as well as  adventure and discovery such as only the early pioneers on Earth might have known.

Lightspeed space travel is now a reality, and the restoration of not only the Earth's species, but the diversity of other off-planet species, has become an inter-galactic necessity. 

It is inevitable that Inca and Luke meet, and are powerfully attracted to each other.

But they have seemingly impenetrable barriers of emotions preventing the meaningful relationship which they both in some way seek. 

While on the surface, New Earth is becoming a success story, there are forces at work which threaten the planet and mankind, and indeed all life in the Universe.

The unscrupulous Resource Agglomerate, the Raggo's, as they are nicknamed, are Planetary Raiders, who would plunder or destroy whole planets for massive financial gain. But even their threat is minor compared to the mythical Rickxl. A race of gifted beings who are obsessed with ' Hygrl' or the Beauty of Death.

They are unique in that they seek even their own deaths. Their  unifying objective is to annihilate all known life.

Luke and Inca's journeys through space, time, fear and love, are set against the backdrop of great adventure, great risk and a fearsome new Universe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 16
Robert C Waldron
Robert Waldron

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