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Collecting the entire trilogy in one volume! The 25th Hour; The Tomorrow Paradox; and All the Time in the World.

Mackenzie Mortimer is a typical junior high geek. He's shy, awkward, a bit clumsy, late with his homework, and always late for class. There's never enough time to do everything he needs to do; after all, there are only 24 hours in a day. But when Mac finds his grandfather's pocket watch buried deep inside a trunk, he discovers his days have an extra hour. According to the eccentric inventor's journal, the pocket watch can add up to 60 minutes to a single day by freezing time around whomever holds the watch and presses its button. 

Book 1: Marlene Prentice is Mac's best friend, but he's clueless the tomboy has a crush on him. Mac only has eyes for the foxy Vanessa Carlyle, daughter of the richest man in town. 

Book 2: Mackenzie Mortimer's troubles are just beginning! With his pocket watch destroyed, Mackenzie finds himself a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by familiar people he doesn't really know, with only Gemma, a 15-year-old clone, to guide him through the labyrinth of the future. Will the mysterious black, iron key unlock the secrets to returning him home, or is it a harbinger of his impending doom? 

Book 3: Mac has left Gramps' diary behind in the future and Victoria Carmichael's ex-husband, Jeremy Bentaine, has stolen it along with Gramps' journals. Now, Bentaine Industries seeks to be the sole possessor of time travel technology... and that means eliminating Mackenzie Mortimer before he discovers the pocket watch! But Mac has followed Gramps' trail to WWII Nazi-occupied Belgium, where he must use his future technology to stay alive, locate Gramps, and unite a pair of star-crossed lovers. The horrors of WWII that Mac encounters will change him forever, but if the Bentaine family has its way, forever will be a very short time for Mackenzie Mortimer! 

When a crisis looms for Mac and his friends, time is running out… but fortunately, Mackenzie Mortimer has a few more minutes than anyone else.

Young Adult
April 6
Amber Book Company
Draft2Digital, LLC

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