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Rage has three weights, two directions and only one way out, which is through. We know we are through with rage when the same trigger that used to push on our buttons no longer elicits any charge from us. We no longer fly off the handle. Instead, we feel immense appreciation and gratitude for the weightlessness, the lightness, the freedom that we feel. This book is about that offloading process of lightening up.

As a holistic health practitioner in one of her past occupations, Ng shares her six-step healing process of shedding those weights through working definitions, personal anecdotes, and exercises designed to move us past reaction and into responsive action. Turn rage-IN’ to OUTrage that affirms the sanctity of life and settles at nothing less than peace, love and compassion for all living beings--especially ourselves and the people who surround us.

Feel lighter by going through the process of LITRRR (pronounced as lighter) to alchemize reactive rage into responsive action.

THE ALCHEMY OF RAGE is informed by holistic health educator Gloria Ng’s personal and professional experience in the healing arts for over a decade.

Note: Due to the nature of some of the exercises in this book, please consult the medical advice of physicians in matters relating to your health particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Health, Mind & Body
November 28
Gloria Ng
Egret Springs Healing Artspace LLC

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