The Aliens and Gravity in the Solar System The Aliens and Gravity in the Solar System

The Aliens and Gravity in the Solar System

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Publisher Description

The GRAVITY & ALIENS book series explains the importance of recognizing the existence of what is called gravity waves in the universe as one of the most significant factors affecting our planet such as causing weather change, volcanoes, earthquakes, and even tornadoes; gravity waves are actually control everything around us. The Series also explains the emergence of gravity waves in the universe, their types, working mechanism, laws controlling them, their relationship to regulating the motion of stars and planets, and even their effect on human life. We discuss in particular the work of such waves in the solar system and how they led to the development of our solar system as we see today. This book series tackles a lot of mysteries of astronomy in ancient civilizations that focused on watching the stars and planets. This series could be reliable for a wider understanding of physical astronomy, to expect what happened in the past and what would happen in the future to our planet, Earth.

In this series, we also explain the reason for the evolution of aliens who have adopted the function of those waves in producing their spaceships, which allow them to travel the universe in the fastest ways and surpass the human species in many scientific aspects. Therefore, these books shall be relied upon as a key base for education in institutions and universities; in order to develop astronomy, which has not fundamentally developed enough to be relied upon in explaining any cosmic phenomenon that might face humanity currently or in the future. By taking necessary actions based on the knowledge provided in these books, we can protect our planet from disasters that have occurred in the past, leading to destructive catastrophes that hinder human development.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 11
Maple Publishers
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