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Three full-length novels!

A sprawling tale blending science fiction, high technology, and fantasy, The Aliomenti Saga traces the rise and proliferation of a secret group of supernaturally gifted men and women through the life of their most dynamic member, Will Stark.


Will Stark is a phenomenally successful businessman, happily married, with a young son he adores. When he arrives home on his 35th birthday, he finds the guards to his gated community murdered, his home ablaze with his family inside, and his life nearly ended by those responsible. Will is immersed in the culture of the Alliance, a splinter group of the Aliomenti. He'll learn their secrets... and more about himself and his destiny than he ever imagined possible.


Will meets a young girl named Elizabeth Lowell, resident of a hidden village, daughter of the leader of that village, and one forced against her will to bear the burden of learning the secrets the villagers seek to learn. Elizabeth has secrets of her own, though, and Will must ensure that the revelation of those secrets doesn't result in the girl's death... as it did for her mother.


Drawing upon his business and life experiences, Will transforms the Aliomenti into a global financial powerhouse awash in technological advances that would astound their human peers. But when power and wealth turn to paranoia, Will must decide if the group can be saved--or if the actions of the Leader of the Aliomenti mean a permanent separation is inevitable.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 17
Alex Albrinck
Alex Albrinck

Customer Reviews

DavieGranps ,

The Aliomenti Saga

Pretty good read. I was a bit confused as to the writer’s motives for the main character to travel back to the beginning of the trilogy at first, but quickly caught on. Would definitely recommend these books.

HSVBamaBob ,

I'd give it 5 stars but....

This is a FANTASTIC concept and plot that is well thought out and intriguing! Unfortunately it is spoiled by poor editing 😞

The trilogy could easily be trimmed by several hundred pages of repetitive verbiage. It seems the author has an (unnecessary) need to constantly repeat background information and it makes for tedious reading.

After the first several repetitions, I found myself literally skimming dozens of pages to get back to the plot sequence.

The series is recommended, but the careful reader will find themselves skimming the content to get to the next interesting plot development.

Rxnjsquir ,

Glaring inconsistencies

Superficially interesting, but the hero Will is oblivious to his major contradiction. Will encourages others to not judge and avoid arrogance and self interest. However, he makes every decision, including giving immortality to a tyrant, based on saving his future children and the woman his younger self will meet and marry. His whole goal is to save his future regardless of how many people suffer and die. Will even cries after making those decisions but goes ahead anyway with his own selfish goals. Not the voice of reason, just a flawed man that wants his future no matter the consequences and cost to others. The story drags on long after his speeches become the scratching of nails on a blackboard. Lost interest and had to force myself to finish, even though I will read almost anything. Needs a good editor and a little less preaching.

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