The Alpine Insurrection

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Publisher Description

"When we took that first step onto Pomonan soil, we thought we'd succeeded in our mission of peace. Little did we know that experiment was just beginning. And that we had a long, rough road to travel yet."

Four hundred years have passed since the arrival of the Migrants on the planet of Pomona, and the young colony has already endured generations upon generations of violence. The democratic Federation, born from the ashes of a broken government, has now been dissolved, overcome by the corrupt and fanatical Socialist Union.

What began as an interstellar experiment of peace is now proof of humankind's unique genetic affinity for war.

After decades of Union domination, Ari Kirche, a young Federation boy from seemingly insignificant origins, finds himself in a land he was never supposed to know about. In an accidental twist of fate, he discovers a secret from the past that is sure to ignite the flames of war once more.

Revolution is in the air.

Immerse yourself in a new world, written by Los Angeles local author J. C. Hammer. THE ALPINE INSURRECTION is built for fans of science fiction novels based in reality, such as The Martian (Ray Bradbury) or Leviathan Wakes (James Corey), but also for readers of dystopian young adult adventure novels, such as The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins). On your journey across the planet of Pomona, you'll travel to unknown lands, discover untold secrets, and watch a nation get pushed to the edge of rebellion.

Science fiction is only two syllables away from science. Become powered by discovery.

Young Adult
April 14
Independently Published
Jared Hammer