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It’s amateur hour at the White House. So says New York Times bestselling author Edward Klein in his new political exposé The Amateur. Tapping into the public’s growing sentiment that President Obama is in over his head, The Amateur argues that Obama’s toxic combination of incompetence and arrogance have run our nation and his presidency off the rails. “Obama was both completely inexperienced and ideologically far to the left of Americans when he entered the White House,” says Klein. “And he was so arrogant that he didn’t even know what he didn’t know.” Klein, who is known for getting the inside scoop on everyone from the Kennedys to the Clintons, reveals never-before-published details about the Obama administration’s political inner workings and about Barack and Michelle’s personal lives, including:

The inordinate influence Michelle wields over Barack and her feud with a high-profile celebrity
The real reason Rahm Emmanuel left the White House (it wasn’t for family reasons)
Why Valerie Jarrett’s role is closer to that of Rasputin than impartial senior advisor
Obama’s problems with American Jews
How Obama has purposefully forgotten and ignored those that put him in power, including the Kennedys, and the Jewish and African American communities in Chicago

From Obama’s conceited and detached demeanor, to his detrimental reliance on Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett’s advice, to the Obamas' extravagant and out-of-touch lifestyle, The Amateur reveals a president whose blatant ignorance and incompetence is sabotaging himself, his presidency, and America.

Politics & Current Events
May 14
Regnery Publishing
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Customer Reviews

8thDan ,

The Amateur by Edward Klein

Mr. Klein,
Thank you for this riveting must read book. This cut right through the Obama hype and gave the most insight of anything I have ever seen or read. I am not much of a reader but I preordered your book through iTunes and read it in one day on my iPad. I have told everyone I know about it. This is must read book. I would love to hear what you think of Obama's "coming out".

I am sure the administration's commandos will surely attack you if they haven't already started. Hopefully the last 3 1/2 years is enough to learn who he really is deep down inside. You sure vetted him more through his friends and financial backers own words than anyone else ever has.

This will be a number 1 best seller!

GREAT book.


Tush3 ,

The Real Obama Is Revealed: Egotistical, Cold, Incompetent

Edward Klein exposes Obama's egotistical, cold and incompetent persona in a way that shows how hoodwinked we all were in 2008 when Obama appeared in front of a back drop of Greek Columns preaching "Hope and and Change". Now after almost four years of Obama's leadership we all know how we were all betrayed by a fawning media who to this day are covering up for Obama's many failures. Just think about it, if the Bush Administration had been responsible for: Fast and Furious where people were murdered with guns bought by the Feds, or the billions of dollars wasted lining the pockets of his buddies in failed green businesses like Solondra or the high unemployment rate, or the 5 trillion dollar higher debt with little to show for it, the media would be howling for Bush's impeachment instead of covering up for him.

Strker1970 ,

Review of The Amateur

Everyone (Democrat or Republican) should read this book before voting in the November, 2012 election.

It should be required reading for all high school and college courses on US government.

Well written and fully documented - a book of facts, not opinions.

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