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The Amazing Bees: A Christmas Story 

Deep in December, when the days are short and the flowers have all been covered by snow, you won't see many bees buzzing around outside. That's because honeybees are all nestled into their hive, where they stay warm by sticking close together and eating the honey that they worked all summer to make.

But even honeybees can't help getting excited for Christmastime! 

In one special bee hive, Princess Debbee lives with her family and all of the other bees in her community. Princess Debbee is the daughter of the King and Queen, and one day she will be in charge of leading the hive. For now, she is just trying to help the hive get ready for Christmas.

As a crowd of worker bees rush past Princess Debbee, she juggles an armful of Christmas presents, trying not to drop them. As she struggles, DJ Bee rushes into the room. He, like all the other bees, is dressed warmly in a colorful Christmas scarf and sweater. DJ Bee is running so fast that he bumps into the Princess. 

"Oh, Princess!" cries DJ Bee. "You've gotta watch where you're going!"

"Me? You're the one who bumped into me!" Princess Debbee nearly drops a small package, but catches it just in time. "Can you help me with these? I'm supposed to get them to the drone work room before the end of the shift."

DJ Bee helps Debbee straighten the packages she's holding and asks, "Aren't you going to the Christmas party?"

Princess Debbee gasps. "That's tonight?!"

DJ Bee laughs. "Of course! It's Christmas Eve, isn't it?"

Princess Debbee can't believe she forgot about the hive's annual Christmas party. She still has so much to do! She quickly runs toward her bedroom, dropping a small present on her way out.

"Princess!" DJ Bee calls after her. "You dropped this!"

But Princess Debbee is long gone.

DJ Bee picks up the package. "I wonder who this one is for," he thinks. He looks at the tag and reads it out loud: 

"To DJ Bee. From Santa."

From Santa? DJ Bee looks around, but he is alone in the quiet room. "Well," he thinks, "I suppose if it's my present, then it can't hurt to open it a little bit early."

DJ Bee reaches out to pull the ribbon around the gift, when all of the sudden Prince Bobbee taps him on the shoulder and cries, "Whaddya got there?!"

DJ Bee quickly tries to hide the present behind his back. "Nothing! I found it on the floor!"

Prince Bobbee, like many little brothers, decides to tease DJ Bee. In a flash, he reaches for the gift, first with one hand and then the other. Poor DJ Bee can't keep up, and Bobbee finally grabs the gift right out of his hands. 

"This is a present for you!" Bobbee cries. "You know nobody in the hive is allowed to open presents before Christmas Day." Prince Bobbee folds his arms across his chest and gives DJ Bee an accusing look.

"I know that!" DJ Bee answers nervously. "That's why I was simply ... making sure that it was wrapped really tight." DJ Bee hopes Prince Bobbee will believe this story and not tell his parents, King Buzz and Queen Bee, that DJ Bee was being naughty on Christmas Eve. What would Santa think?

"Besides," says Bobbee, "Santa hasn't even come yet. How could he have sent you this present?"

DJ Bee looks up at Bobbee. He hadn't thought of that. But before he can work on figuring out that puzzle, the hive is filled with the piercing sound of sirens. Prince Bobbee covers his ears, but it's still very loud.

Emergency lights flash everywhere. Something is very, very wrong.

Suddenly King Buzz and Queen Bee sweep into the room. King Buzz comforts Bobbee, while Queen Bee takes charge.

"Stay calm, everybody."

November 10
Amazing Bees Festival Corp
Ingram DV LLC
Grades K-3

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