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This novella is the historical prequel to the Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle Series. Zahiria and Burindi dominate events in these exotic lands where east meets west. They have been at war for over a century, with a few brief interludes of peace. Tension is rising again. At the root of the problem is an ancient amulet, and secrets buried in the desert sands long ago.

In 1798, a powerful witch named Oonagh crafted a magical amulet for her daughter Zoe’s wedding to Crown Prince Khalid of Zahiria. The amulet will protect her husband’s kingdom. But Zoe is a petulant, selfish girl who ignores her mother and despises her husband. She becomes queen and gives birth to a royal son, as Oonagh predicted. Then she falls in love with Ottomar, a nomadic stranger who desires a kingdom of his own, and runs away with him, abandoning her husband, newborn son, and the amulet. Zoe’s new husband creates the kingdom of Burindi from Zahirian lands he won as war spoils. He becomes obsessed to possess the amulet he believes is rightfully his. 

A triangle of golden sand lies at the heart of the four desert kingdoms. An elemental fire burns bright at its heart, in the sands of the Golden Triangle itself. It demands justice. Great sacrifice and a high price were paid in the crafting of the elusive amulet. A terrible wrong must be made right before peace can settle in the region. Until then, the kingdoms of the Golden Triangle continue to suffer a series of betrayals, intrigues, and wars.

Fast forward this prequel many generations to 1922. Sheikh Jacobo of Zahiria is still plagued by the desire to bring peace to his kingdom and the region. The ownership of the amulet is still at stake. When Princess Safir of Burindi steals Jacobo’s most precious treasures, threatening the very core of his kingdom’s existence, will a new war be unavoidable?

February 20
Quartz Eagle Enterprises LLC
Quartz Eagle Enterprises, LLC

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