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This book by Mr. Menendez is a complete departure from his previous books. His prior works, though written as fiction, did in fact chronicle investigations that he had conducted both in the federal and private sectors. These cases were successfully litigated in the federal court for the southern district of Florida. Mr. Menendez maintains his unique style of storytelling; however, this book is a completely fictional story. The story line will keep the reader transfixed and guessing as to what the conclusion will be. While reading the story, the reader will constantly wonder what the answer is.

Dr. Harold Steiner is an internationally recognized researcher who, together with other renown researchers, set out to answer the question which scientists have pondered through the years. What is the reason why some individuals, in rare occasions, become a genius? The question is, why is a genius a genius?

Dr. Steiner, as the main researcher and project director for the Genius Project, spent over ten years researching this question. By accident, as often occurs in science, he makes a discovery, and at first, he does not understand the enormous implication of what he has discovered. He came to realize his discovery could alter the balance of power in the world if improperly utilized. If utilized with the intent of helping the human race, it could help in curing many types of mental illnesses.

He and his fellow researchers preferred risking death rather than allowing this discovery to fall in the hands of the intelligence community of nations.

His final act was to place upon the shoulders of his son and daughter-in- law the responsibility for the future course of this discovery.

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April 14
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