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USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream continues her seductive Blood Realm series with this exciting tale of a thief determined to steal the secret of the murderess he saved from ruin.


Robin is a notorious trickster, a sidhe capable of powerful illusions and driven by a desperate need to avoid the boredom that comes so easily with the long life of a fey.

For the last decade, he's amused himself as a bandit, stealing from anyone foolish enough to enter his forest with more gold than good sense. But the novelty of being a hero is wearing off, and a witch has pointed him in the direction of a new adventure. A ferocious and beautiful redhead has entered his forest, and this time, Robin isn't after gold…


Marian has a dark secret she's kept hidden her entire life. Now, thanks to a single arrow fired in a moment of self-defense, she's faced with a choice that might drag her shame into the light. She must make a choice. Lose the land that's all she has left of her parents, or accept help from a fey thief determined to discover what she's hiding.


Gold changes hands, and Marian's murder debt is paid with Robin's gold. Now she must serve her time in his band of thieves. Will the sidhe discover her secret? Will they survive it if he does?

Fiction & Literature
May 22
Skeleton Key Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Shadowsmist8587 ,

No plastic people.

Honestly, I struggled with this book. At first. Not the story, which was fascinating and rich as I've come to expect from Miss. Blackstream. I of course HAD to keep reading and discover what was going to happen and what the secrets were. Such beautiful story lines and writing. It was the characters. I hated them in the beginning. Why? They are incredibly flawed... They aren't shiny happy people I usually see in a "fairy tale". Like Disney's Cinderella who is always so gentle and turns the other cheek. (Honestly she makes me a little sick). They are raw and they are REAL. She wrote characters with real emotions that real people feel. They are messy, they don't always think straight, and are sometimes outright stupid - just like you or I might be. They make plausible mistakes. It made me sit and reflect on my life and the foolish mistakes I've made and realize, I'm only human. I'm not perfect, I can't be. I should allow fictional characters to be messy too. ;) So then I loved them in all their glorious imperfection and forgave myself a little bit in the process. They don't do everything right but they try at least! Who knows what you might find in their tale?

DVKov ,

The Archer Hits a Bullseye

If you enjoy creative retellings of classic fairy tales and you’ve yet to read a Jennifer Blackstream novel, then you don’t know what you are missing. She’s already taken on more typical tales like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Rapunzel and now she’s spreading out to stories you don’t typically see reimagined. In the case of her latest novel, The Archer, she does a wonderful take on Robin Hood. In this one, Robin is a fae who is captivated by Lady Marian. He was told by a witch to find her and he knows Marian has a secret that he must discover. Being virtually immortal is boring, you see, so he makes a game of trying to get Marian to expose her secret. Unfortunately his game inadvertently results in Marian committing a serious crime. She’s caught by the Sheriff, who demands either her lands or a handsome sum of money. In his haste to help Marian Robin makes things worse, exposing to the Sheriff that Marian is more than she appears. The Sheriff hates all supernatural, especially Robin Hood, so he makes it his mission to capture them both. A cat and mouse game is on, and what a ride it is. The climactic scene is great, and there is a very satisfying epilogue that lets you know what happens to one of the main characters of the story.

Blackstream’s stories in this series are intertwined and I’d suggest that you read them from the beginning. It’s would be no hardship as they are all really great reads. That said, you could read this as a standalone and still enjoy it immensely. I truly enjoy all of her works, and get excited every time a new one comes out. As with her other novels, I recommend this one highly.

A free ARC of this book was received with the request for an honest review.

Jeannette Nieves ,

The Archer

Absolutely loved all of Jennifer previous work, however this one didn't quite capture my attention 😕.

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