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Do you realize scripture tells us to put on the armor? We are not told to ask God to put it on for us. Guess what? You can't pray it on. When you go through the different pieces of armor, you realize that they are all linked to knowledge. You have to learn them on. And not just learn them on, you must also realize the level of understanding in that area is an indication of the strength of that part of the armor. The level of knowledge and understanding you have on each part of the armor is the strength of that area. The more you know (And apply) about faith the stronger your shield of faith will be! This is why when studying the armor we have to do diligence to learn as much as we can about each piece of the armor. Misconceptions about putting on the armor has allowed the enemy to overcome many Christians who go into battle powerless.
You have to learn to operate in truth at all times.
Know your authority through righteousness (Faith and Love).
Understand the peace of the Gospel and how to walk in it.
How does the shield of faith stop the fiery darts of the wicked?
What is the Helmet of Salvation?
How do we successfully use God's Word. (Sword of Spirit.)
How to Pray in the spirit effectively according to God's instructions.
We are going to go deep into the knowledge of the armor because how are you going to help others learn it on, if you are not aware of how to do it yourself? I get so frustrated every time I see a congregation being told to pray on the armor every morning when in truth it is learned knowledge that applies this Spiritual armor. Once you learn the spiritual wisdom in each area (parts of the armor) and walk in it, then it does not come off unless you take it off by walking out of the truth. Take a deep breath. Let's get started.

Religion & Spirituality
November 10
Samuel Williams
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