The Art Album The Art Album

The Art Album

Exploring the Connection Between Hip-hop Music and Visual Art

Dawud Knuckles and Others
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Check out this FREE one of a kind book and find out what Russell Simmons has to say about each artists, visual and recording! 

See what visual artist Shepard Fairey has in common with Young Jeezy or Jay Z! See how we compare each album to its contemporaries and place them in their aesthetic order! If you ever wondered why or how Hip-hop is such a global phenomenon read these great essays written by top scholars like Imani Perry from Princeton university! For any music, visual art, or great literature enthusiast this book is for you!

‘The Art Album’ is an illustrated book celebrating the long-standing relationship between the visual arts and hip-hop music, and is the result of a collaboration between two giants of the American music scene. 

Dawud Knuckles is a veteran of the record industry in America. In the 1990s, his friends founded the hip-hop record label Ruff Ryders, with whom he worked for many years as a videographer. He has subsequently worked with many recording artists on interviews, special projects, tours, and documentaries for Ruff Ryders. Through his career in the music industry, Dawud has made many influential contacts, including Russell and Danny Simmons, who is contributing to the book. The Simmons insightfully explores the themes of a selection of songs and how the subculture of hip-hop relates to, and has influenced contemporary art. 

Each chapter of the book will have a theme. Lyrics from the song will be presented beside contemporary art inspired by that theme. Exclusive commentary from Russell and Danny Simmons (celebrated artist and philanthropist), and a contextualizing text from legendary writer and activist Nikki Giovanni, as well as other academics. 

This concept of presenting songs, art, and interviews alongside each other will offer an incomparable insight into the influence that Hip-hop has on contemporary culture, and the unrivaled significance that this subculture has risen to. This collaboration between so many big names in music, art and academia is a unique project.

Dawud made his way through the worlds of art, business, and ideas and found a highly impressive group to join him in bringing this project to fruition.The idea was of course brilliant, but his enthusiasm was also infectious. Soon he had Kehinde Wiley on board, a young African American painter who is an art world sensation, known for his intoxicat- ing blend of traditional portraiture done in French Rococco style, with emotionally compelling and gorgeous renderings of young black men, often attired in hip hop styles. Shepard Fairey was also enlisted,a graphic artist and illustrator perhaps best known for his iconic tricolor “HOPE” poster from President Obama’s 2008 campaign.The starkness and emotional power of his work resonates with the spare and provocative aesthet- ics of early hip hop. As well, this book features the work of Takashi Murakami, contemporary Japanese artist who bridges the street culture of graffiti tags with high culture (his designs have been featured on Louis Vuitton bags) and works in the super at Asian tradition out of which Manga and anime have developed. His work speaks to the definitive influence Asian popular cultures have had on hip hop.

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November 25
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Dawud Knuckles

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