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From the world renowned teacher of yoga teachers and author of Myths of the Asanas: The Stories at the Heart of the Yoga Tradition and Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth & Meaning of Mantra & Kirtan comes this practical and extraordinarily useful guidebook to giving safe hands-on adjustments for everybody, every yoga class, and every yoga teacher.

Are you ready to give your students a reason to never stop coming back? Alanna Kaivalya believes that professional, effective hands-on adjustments is an art form within the field of teaching yoga incomparable to any other. In this interactive multi-media e-book, Alanna offers yoga teachers everywhere a comprehensive toolkit for connecting with their students psychologically, spiritually, and physically. Through receiving adjustments, students have the opportunity to go beyond self-imposed boundaries and realize what they never thought was possible.  With The Art of Adjustments: The Yoga Teacher's Guide to Safe Hands-On Assists, readers and teachers can expect incredible transformation in their teaching: simply by providing a connection with another human being that fosters trust.

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September 19
Inflextion Publishing
Inflextion Publishing

Customer Reviews

eddieteboul ,

Simply said and done just like adjusting should be

Alanna brings us to understand the very specific language of body language by clearly saying what it is and how it feels.
It is very difficult to say with words what the body feels and yet by looking at the visuals and listening to her skillful instruction you really feel it and deepen your understanding of the mutual relationship between practitioner of asana and asana adjuster. The important part of this book is her highlight on the power of an uplifting intention before entering a person’s space when touching them. She is not just showing you series of tricks on how to move bones, joints and muscles, she is teaching you how to be at your highest and most compassionate to adjust and assist toward the highest potential of others. If every yoga teachers pick up on her point to pave a path for the enlightenment of people practicing yoga, the yoga of the future will and may certainly be the way to inner and outer peace for many generations to come. Alanna is courageous in daring to care by making the constant effort to bring forth the teachings that were transmitted to her, that she skilfully shares with confidence and generosity.
I love this book and all other publications by the same author.
If anyone is interested in yoga philosophy or deepening their knowledge, Alanna Kaivalya is a modern teacher with an ancient wisdom that will not seem so ancient when described in her very own words.

Eddie Teboul
(Yoga Teacher NYC USA)

avery w. w. ,


This book is an absolute must-have for yoga teachers! Alanna is a wealth of knowledge and this book is full of practical and valuable information to make teachers more confident and capable of safely adjusting their students! It has absolutely improved my skills as a teacher and I'm so grateful to have this resource!

Mrs.Tim ,

Excellent resource!

The Art of Adjustments is a comprehensive tool for experienced teachers and new teachers alike. I had never done too many adjustments on students before as I was afraid of injuring them. Through Alanna's information, I have gained the knowledge and confidence to safely guide my students through so many postures. This is a must have book!!

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