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Awaken the Spiritual Leader in you now!

★★Attention Spiritual Entrepreneurs★★

Have you tried to help or guide people you care about only to have your overtures coldly rejected? Do you sense that you've got a higher calling yet don't know the path to realizing it? Are you simultaneously motivated to teach, lead, and inspire, though part of you feels unworthy, like an impostor?

In this entertaining and inspiring book, Daniel Aaron guides you on a journey where you will learn the forty spiritual leadership principles, which, as you grow into more and more mastery of them, will unleash the hero, leader, and master that is already inside you.

In the Art of Spiritual Leadership, you will learn how to:

• Create remarkable transformation in your life and work predictably, reliably, and effectively.

• Appreciate and own your past pains, mistakes, and misfortunes–they are all the material you need to reach, teach, and uplift others.

• Crush the crippling imposter syndrome as you increasingly understand and master the 40 Spiritual Leadership Axioms.

• Obliterate limiting beliefs and transcend old stories, liberating you to triumphantly step into your spiritual leadership potential.

• Manifest what you want most in your life: meaning, impact, success, abundance, love, and happiness, all through learning how you can best serve and help others.

Simmer in the stories and you'll find that every day you are embodying more and more of the leadership laws. Unleash the leader that's already in you and realize that opportunities for transformation exist everywhere. As you choose to rise up, you not only elevate yourself, you elevate the world.

What's stopping you from living your destiny, serving, and being fulfilled in ways you never could have imagined? Now's the time to believe in yourself step into your heroic destiny.

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May 20
Daniel Aaron
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