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Did you know that a recent study on virtual practice comparing people who actually engaged in real life practice VS people who just virtually practiced and visualized are only 1% deficient in results? The people who actually went out and did it are only 1% better from the people who just virtual practiced!

Not a lot of difference right?

It takes about 10,000 hours to be a MASTER at any craft. By following the techniques on this book? You can cut that that to a fraction of the time!

You can get more field time/practice time by doing these special techniques-anytime, anywhere!

You can be practicing martial arts, drawing, sky diving, and a thousand other skills you want to master just using your mind and the methods laid out on this book.

Much like in the Matrix where they just download martial arts skills, and the helicopter pilot program-they instantly get that skillt!

This is as close as it gets!

Imagine any skill, you can learn to master it at a fraction of the time!
Even practice things you've just dreamed off, but are unable to do in real life. Such as cliff-diving, aerobatics, martial arts sparring on moving trains-literally there are no limits!
Table of Contents

What Is Virtual Practice?
Benefits Of Virtual Practice
Disadvantages Of Virtual Practice
Classic Visualizing
Muscle Memory And Procedural Memory
Path To Mastery - The 10,000 Hours Rule
Dissect Experiences To Bit Sized Pieces
The Resistance
Gathering Specimens
Power Of Extrapolations
Extrapolations Of Extrapolations
Virtual Practice For Creative Works
Play - Stop - Rewind
Mind Set Of A Virtual Practitioner
Specific Objectives
The Different Perspectives
The "What If" Frame
Presence And Meta-Cognition
Sense Of Presence
Vp Must Be Visceral, Not Abstractly Mental
Viscerality In Specimen Experience Collections
Repeated Conditioning And Recall Is The Key To Accuracy
Virtual Practice Not Requiring A Lot Of Viscerality
Banter Vp
Version 2.
Methods Of Virtual Practice
Computer Simulators
Movies And Tvs
Fast Time
Sliding Anchors
Other Tools We Can Use In Virtual Practice
Hypnotic Conditioning
Deep Trance Work
How To Practice During Sleep
Lucid Dreaming
Hypnotic Installations And Erasers
Use Of Clickers
Use Of Necklace Beads
Miscellaneous Apps

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September 24
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