The Art, Skill, & Spirit of Follow-Through

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Publisher Description

Follow-Through is doing that “thing” that affords you the chance to experience your Dreams, Visions, and Goals, which I refer to in the book as DV&Gs.

For many years the idea about the significance that Follow-Through has had on my life in terms of causing something to happen or not happen has been life changing. Several years have lapsed since and this book has been incubating in my spirit, heart, and mind.

Attached to your purpose in life are those things that you feel the unction of the Holy Spirit to complete. As you read this book, you will discern what God has been saying to you to finish. The unction of the Holy Spirit is God talking to you about that “thing” that you know you really need take action on and complete.

I believe that it is critical to Follow-Through on those things you know in your heart you ought to complete. If there are any obstacles that prevent, slow, or weaken your ability to Follow-Through, this book is designed to encourage you to push to get it done. Reading this book will help you to determine if what you are not doing is preventing you for fulfilling your purpose in life.

When you complete reading this book you will be able to:
Assess Your Follow-Through needs and skills because you will have taken the Follow-Through Quiz! This quiz is a tool that can support you with pursuing your ambitions. I suggest using the quiz in a pretest and post-test manner. Take the quiz before embarking upon your Follow-Through journey. Then take the quiz again after you have practiced using the Spiritual Model which is also offered in the book entitled "Spiritual Model." This book provides simple tools that will help you change your life and propel you into finishing things that were once difficult to even start not to mention completing it and getting it done!

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January 11
Rev. Dr. Mary D Bruce
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