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Feisty Cara Devon is on the trail of powerful ancient artifacts in this bestselling historical fantasy series. The boxed set contains the first three novels.

1: Nefertiti's Heart

A killer stalks the nobility seeking a legendary diamond said to have once belonged to Queen Nefertiti and rumoured to hold the key to immortality.

2: Hatshepsut's Collar

An ancient Egyptian necklace is driving Queen Victoria mad with megalomania, and that's not Cara's most pressing problem.

3: Nero's Fiddle

People start dying from spontaneous human combustion when someone uses a relic from Rome to cover up an old secret.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 1
Ribbonwood Press
Ribbonwood Press

Customer Reviews

Anarchopocalypse ,

Fun to read but...

I have read several of this author’s books and find them enjoyable. However, The second and third books of the “Artifact Hunters” were full of typos. Sliver for silver and vise versa; Liam instead of Roger in one of the chapters on Nan and Nessy; putting the baby Bella in her father’s arms when he has only one arm. These types of mistakes are usually enough to make me close a book without finishing. I hope the author will take more care proof reading subsequent books.

CaptainCoraline ,


Imagine a steampunk version of twilight, where the interesting parts of the plot is glossed over in favor of a romance that no one particularly wants. Where the main female is defined as a independent woman yet almost every decision she makes is contrary to that. That's about where this novel is. It wasn't terrible per say, but the only way I could admit liking it is in the guilty pleasure sort of way. Left no outstanding impressions and I will probably never read it again.

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