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The Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox:  How to Start, Run and Market a Successful Arts or Creative Business

Starting and running a successful art business is just like running and starting any other business. To create a vibrant and sustainable art enterprise you need to have a basic understanding of how business works. You don’t need an MBA but you do need to know about business and marketing.

In art school they probably didn’t teach you much about the business end of selling your work or what it takes to run a company.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to enroll in business school to get a good grasp of the basics – you’ll find them this book.  The Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox gives you real life examples as well as the tools you need to develop your business and marketing plan.

In the Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox you will learn the basics of:

• Starting a new business
• Developing your brand
• How to take advantage of opportunities and capitalize on your strengths
• The business planning process and putting together your own plan
• Accounting and finance essentials
• Becoming more productive in creating your art
• Managing and organizing your company
• Developing and implementing effective strategies for:

o Public relations
o Advertising
o Selling your art
o Pricing your work
o Effective web sites
o Networking 
o Using social media

If you are interested in putting proven business techniques and tools to work for you, then the Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox is a great place to start.  You don’t need the skills of an MBA or accountant to be successful – passion, creativity and hard work are what counts the most, and luckily most artists have an abundance of all three!  Be prepared to put in some time and effort to develop your business and marketing plan and don’t forget to use the creative side of your brain!

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February 18
Creatives and Business LLC
Creatives and Business LLC