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June Dunbar, a rundown by life camerawoman, was hiding from the world in her home in Livermore, California. A sole survivor from a terrorist kidnapping and murder, nightmares were her constant companions— fixing old car motors, self-harming in bad days, and writing children’s books in her good days. A stranger came to visit, and a box stole her life.

Athany, murdered, pillager, gorgeous, cursed, and paragon of self-hatred, Kara Ter-Kushtaneo believes life is no longer worth living. She had killed one too many children in the name of her Emperor. Her dreams of freedom came with the realization that if she dared to disobey the orders of her Emperor, she would surely die. But after 300 years of warmongering, cheap sex and losing many friends in the heat of battle, she was ready to die doing something good. She wasn’t going to kill any more children, but could she?

The Athany people, Judges of the land, turned torturers, executioners, mercenaries of the Emperor and cursed to serve him blindly. But from them, the next Companion to start the Assembly that would come to heal the land. They needed to survive. No one knew they held the power to bring hope for Quetza.

The Thirteen, the hope of the land, the harbingers of magic, the hand with power to destroy and create Empires, but they were scattered all over Quetza. They were slaves, prostitutes, assassins, noblemen, smiths, or simpletons living with the mark or the Thirteen but hidden or used because of their incredible power. Hunted, hidden, hatted, used and loved.

Lastly, we have the Emperor, his brother, and the brother’s sons. The Falesto family with yellow eyes and magic acquired by the sacrifice of flesh. Fratricide, incest, rape, murder, hate, and dark magic rule the life of the family for generations. A spectacular evil and strategists for war, leaders of demons and destroyers, but whatever they touched would turn to gold. They managed the Empire with an iron fist. They made chase, cursed and charmed to cast destruction at every corner where June, Kara and the Athany would turn.

Rage, hate, fear, hidden intrigue, and conspiracies would rise to the surface. Ancient curses in need of cures, old scores ready to be settled, and the lives of all in five Kingdoms at the mercy of demons that walked during the day among heroes and villains make the fabric of this tale. Blood will be drawn before the Assembly of Thirteen could bring freedom the Empire needs.

Unconventional, compelling, eccentric and bursting with complex twist and turns. The Assembly of Thirteen is a high fantasy novel with characters so real that it will be like friends undergoing real tribulations.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 24
Omayra Velez
Smashwords, Inc.

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