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"You probably don't know...just how long I've been waiting for this..."The Lindvolus has reached its conclusion, and Team Enfield would be ready to prepare for future battles if they weren't missing a crucial member-Claudia! With confidential information about the integrated enterprise foundation Galaxy, she's become a target for their troops, and when Ayato desperately searches for her, his roommate, Eishirou Yabuki, stands in his way. Claudia's Orga Lux, Pan-Dora, has allowed her to foresee this turn of events, but Ayato has to find her before it's too late...The day of destiny has arrived!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 19
Yen Press
Yen Press, LLC
Grades 8-17

Customer Reviews

ReneeLMiller ,

Great book!

The attention to detail and callbacks to small bit of dialogue from early on in the series shows that the author has a very clear idea of the plot the series will follow. This book in particular has a large amount of character development for a handful of characters that each contribute to and cause key elements of the plot in future books to unfurl.

The story was fine, the fights were well described and easy to visualize, and the problems the characters face this time are neatly concluded.

The main issues of contention are that 1) Many characters that aren’t the focus of the story seem to adopt stereotypical personalities for light novel/manga characters despite being previously fleshed out and given their own unique quirks, 2) The typical conventions such as plot armor and occasional leaps in logic are easily spotted on multiple occasions, and 3) The book is shorter than many light novels, however there are many pages of wonderful artwork and the story is paced efficiently enough to justify the smaller page count.

Overall the book is great and worth the read, though it definitely has a few small issues that stick out.

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