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"A strong heroine and incredible world building make this a must read series."
-Barbara Freethy, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

At the magic world's most elite school, time and glittering evil stalk Ren Crown's steps. In a world where layers of magic create worlds on top of our own--worlds where almost anything is possible--some rules still can't be broken, and Ren is desperate to overturn society's most sacred law.

On campus, animated creations, enchanted gadgets, and marvelous machines vie with the students themselves: mischievous engineers, diabolical tacticians, battle-hardened warriors, and terrifying roommates. But even amidst an eclectic and powerful student body, there is something off about Ren's magic...and the wrong people have started to notice.

Where art comes alive and the bonds of destiny are forged, Ren will find the answer to who and what she is.

Young Adult
October 8
Excelsine Press
Anne Hearn

Customer Reviews

Rjdjdjwksjdj ,


The book was kind of confusing in the beginning but when I caught on to what everything meant wow! Amazing! I just wish their were some more Alexander Dare scenes you know! Just finished this and bought the next one can't wait to start reading !!!! :)

UnspeakabIe ,

Great book

This was such a great book. With the perfect amount of mystery, action and longing, this hooks the reader. Just like it hooked me. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this book. I totally recommend this book to anyone.

Jasmyn9 ,


I loved this story!!! I found myself completely lost in the world of Ren Crown and her days at the magic school - it will not be what you expect. Her mini-adventures and other student mages that she meets are just amazing, I loved them all - ever the ones I hated.
Ren is a great character. What I like best about her is how real she seems. Her guilt and grief over the death of her brother, her confusion when she first realizes magic does exist, and her reaction to a secret crush is just adorable. She may be a powerful mage, but she really knows nothing about magic. Her method of trying it all gets her some interesting predicaments and she's quite clever at working around them. Her way of working out problems was quite genius and I loved seeing her thought process and she worked through it all.

She accumulates an odd group of friends. They all are very unique themselves and the way she managed to bind the group together was a lot of fun. I'm not sure I've seen such a hodge podge of personalities get along so well!

There is lots of adventure, magic gone right, and magic gone wrong. Ren can never be sure who might be aligned with the bad guys. There are times I'm not even sure if she's trusting the right people. But it all seems to work out in a crazy magical way. I hope to get my hands on book two soon!

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review.

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