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A Vampire Romance from New York Times Bestselling Author, HP Mallory

“If you like Charlaine Harris, you’ll love HP Mallory!” ― Larissa Ione, New York Times Bestselling Author


While returning from a scouting mission to attempt to locate Luce’s camp, Bryn stumbles on a wolf-girl strapped to a rack and left for dead.

Once rescued, the girl, Dayna, tells Bryn and company all about the newest flavor of Luce’s evil and, most specifically, what Luce plans to do to Bryn, if he ever takes her as prisoner again…

And Bryn’s time in Luce’s breeding program will pale in comparison to the newest torture he’s devised…

Upon returning to the queen and Kinloch Kirk, a new arrival starts heating up the scene and making waves. Audrey Chevalier, Dureau’s beautiful French sister, seems to be overly interested in Master Vampire, Sinjin Sinclair.

And unless Bryn’s mistaken, Sinjin appears to return Audrey’s affections.

Will this budding new romance push Bryn into the arms of Dureau? Or will it make her second guess her decision to avoid a romantic attachment with Sinjin?

Meanwhile, Jolie continues to gain allies as it appears the Underworld is soon to go to battle with Luce’s forces yet again.

That is, until Dureau informs Bryn about the true nature of her ancestry, information which could absolutely change the tide of the war for all involved.

And, prepare yourself, for an ending to this book that will leave you speechless…

The Awakening is book six in the Bryn and Sinjin vampire romance series.

Book one is Sinjin and a FREE download!

September 6
HP Mallory
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Customer Reviews

SeaAndTea ,

Emotional roller coaster

This book is fantastic!
The story takes place exactly where the last book ends . The group returns home with a new ally who bears disturbing news about Luce’s plans for the people of the underworld.
Bryn struggles with her feelings. She try’s to separate the part of herself that is a Warrior from the part that is a passionate woman because she thinks she can’t be both. She also struggles with the feelings she has for the two men she cares about most in the world and feelings of jealousy .to top everything off she must deal with finding out the truth to a lie she has been told her entire life and the true nature of Drueau’s curse.
This series is fantastic and the Awakening is the best book in the series! It takes you on emotional roller coaster with a cliffhanger ending that will leave you reeling. You will love this book.

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