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Success with business planning has never been easy, and it’s ever more challenging today in the constantly uncertain, shape-shifting, uber-noisy, and superfast business world. The prospects for capturing success are extraordinary, but so are the risks, and leaders must themselves modify how they run the firm and plan for its future. Frankly, way too many organizations, teams, and individuals do business planning all wrong - wasting their time and energy on misguided efforts that don't matter. Business planning should focus not on the plan, but on the business! We need a business planning process better equipped for 21st century success. We need The BackPocket! Business Plan.

Created by noted business author, speaker, and certified management consultant John Doehring, the BackPocket! Business Plan offers a fresh, relevant, and maverick approach - and a radical departure from the ho-hum, boring, and often useless, business-as-usual approach of most firms. The BackPocket! Business Plan is outrageously simple and short (just three pages in total) and it fits into a leader’s pocket (where it can actually be used to guide important business decisions in real time).

In The BackPocket! Business Plan John Doehring shares what’s generally wrong with business and strategic planning today, why standard business plans most often don’t work, and how managers and leaders can and must change their planning approach for real organization success. John outlines the The BackPocket! Business Plan methodology, and describes each of the component parts involved in creating a simple, straightforward, and effective business plan. The BackPocket! Business Plan even contains a formatted template that readers can use to jump start their own new or updated business plan.
Also included are a dozen short, case-story vignettes - each based on a true client situation from the author’s background - to provide additional insights into business planning, and to assist readers in achieving their own growth, profit, and sustainable organization success.

The BackPocket! Business Plan is a short read, but it’s packed with ideas and insights for productive business planning. Running a successful firm is rarely easy, and it’s becoming harder all the time. A lengthy, complex, unclear, and confusing business plan won’t help, and neither will having no business plan at all. Order the BackPocket! Business Plan today and begin your journey to a better business plan -and to extraordinary business results!

John Doehring is The Maverick Advisor! and an accomplished speaker, author, educator, and certified management consultant. Founder and principal of J. Doehring & Co., John helps organizations to improve and grow through better business planning, sales and marketing performance, and operations excellence. Clients include professional services firms, entrepreneurs, and companies ranging from large to small, broadly-diversified to niche-specialists, around-the-block to around-the-world. J. Doehring & Co.’s mission is to help clients plan for the future, grow their business, and make more money!
John Doehring’s forthcoming book is entitled Fast Future! The Ten Uber-Trends Changing Everything in Business and Our World.

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August 13
John D. Doehring
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