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The first installment of a sexy series about a modern-day heroine writing historical novels based on her romantic misadventures with the Bad Boy Billionaire.

Jane Sparks has accidentally announced her engagement on Facebook—to the infamous Bad Boy Billionaire, Duke Austen. As soon as it's discovered that Jane and Duke barely know each other (one hot kiss at a party does not a relationship make), she'll be completely humiliated. And then Duke does something Jane never expected: He plays along with her charade.

With his hard-partying playboy reputation jeopardizing a 150-million-dollar investment deal, Duke realizes an engagement with the sexy but oh-so-proper librarian could be just the thing to repair his reputation. This good girl tempts him to be very wicked … but only with her. It's unprecedented. Inconceivable. Totally alluring.

As the unlikely match of librarian and tech entrepreneur set out to convince the world—and the internet—that their love is real, something unexpected happens: They start falling for each other. But Jane is secretly writing a historical romance novel that could expose their carefully constructed romance … unless two perfect strangers are content to be perfectly scandalous together.

December 31
Avon Impulse

Customer Reviews

Lila725 ,

Amazing...but don't do this

I love the concept of this story, despite the hundreds of grammar errors, but I hate when authors do the book in a short series to make money and prolong the plot. Write one solid book and publish it for a larger fee. Love the historical romance and modern connection between two books, but could have sold the whole story on that point alone. It's fun for those of us who love both!

wxangel ,

This one is for the programmers ❤️💋

Being a programmer, at first, I thought someone messed up the beginning of your book - I am reading it in iBooks, and who opens a book with JavaScript? I have absolutely loved the Bad Boy Billionaire series because, for once, someone got it right! I am completely serious about this. I know most people are more like Jane than like Duke, but for those of us that are more like him - I REALLY need to thank you for representing us :) I think this is the first series that references technology, and doesn't muck it up.

From the bottom of my geeky heart - thank you!!

PS - I would have bought - and did buy - the whole book series [as a single book] just based on the writing style of all of your other work. I am glad I did, because I love the book(s), but would rather not have to catch back up because a new book started and you have to bring new readers who could be starting in the middle up to date. Some authors Create a single book with all 3 combined and sell with the label that it is all 3 in a collection as well as the 3 separated to entice. I think that would appease your readers that share this opinion.

Still loved all of your books from the deepest depths of my heart - so don't read this as a negative, just an opinion and hopefully a solution to try. ❤️

"Don't come to me with problems, come to me with solutions" --
Sage boss.

lyssie29 ,


As the other reviewer mentioned, the book had a cute premise. However, I loathe when authors break up the book like this. If rather you just sell the whole thing for $3 than sell three parts for 99¢ each. 👎

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