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The naughtier the bad boy, the harder he falls…

Sometime between taking Olivia against the wall (multiple times) and saving her from her sister’s escaped pet lizard, something very unexpected happened to bad boy, former marine, and all around badass firefighter Colton Brody.

He fell in love.

He fell so hard he’s got permanent bruising around the heart and possible eternal contusions. 

Basically: He’s got it bad. 

He doesn’t want two more weeks with Olivia. He wants it all. But what if the girl he’s held at a distance isn’t ready to trust him with forever?

When did love get so hard?

So very, very…hard?

Warning: This book is the third in the Bedding the Bad Boy series and should be read after books one and two. It was previously published as Good Girl Vs. Bad Boy.

March 11
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Beautiful Ending

The Bad Boy's Redemption is the final book in the Bedding The Bad Boy Series. Colton and Olivia have been hooking up and enjoying each other. During this time they both started to develop deep feelings for one another, and they finally admit it to each other. Colton however is holding onto a secret, a secret that can destroy what he built with Olivia . Before Olivia, all Colton wanted was to get back into the Marines. But now he is torn on what to do because he knows what he has with Olivia is a once in a lifetime. Olivia has finally let down all of her walls and is ready to give herself 100% to Colton. Will the secret that Colton is keeping destroy Olivia? Will Colton and Olivia have their happily ever after?
I am a die hard fan of falling for your best friend's brother and Lili Valente and Jessie Evans knocked it out of the park. Colton and Olivia's relationship was so sweet and refreshing but also steamy and hot! Loved watching Colton's sweet and sensitive side, and Olivia's hot. sexy, kitten side. They each balanced each other perfectly and I couldn't get enough of these two.

Heather L.C. ,

Conclusion to Colton and Olivia

This book is the conclusion to Colton and Olivia. I enjoyed reading this book. I wanted a little more from the ending.

Olivia knows what she wants. She wants Colton. Is she going to be able to say goodbye to him in a couple months? Or is she too invested?

Colton never expected to fall in love. His main goal is to make it back into the marines. Olivia has slowly wormed her way into his heart and now he doesn't know what he wants.

I'm curious to know more about Daisy and Colton's brothers. Hopefully we'll get stories about them also!

JLKeniston ,

Loved Colton and Olivia

What an ending for a great new collection of love, laughter and sexy fun! Olivia and Colton just can't seem to stay away from each other and Olivia just can't keep herself out of trouble. Colton always to the rescue!! Its so much fun to read stories like these. I loved Olivia and Colton and was so happy in the end but I'm greedy and I wanted more! I know a story has to come to an end but it was just too good. I kept looking for more pages. Lili has a way of keeping you wanting more from her characters! Keep on writing! I'm hooked!

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